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RE: [Hyenas] Re: Swindon on Friday, what happened???

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  • Kyle Alexander
    I agree Pete, it s not worth the risk and there were certainly Northstars on Friday who IMHO were out to rack up points and play a physical game, obviously
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 26, 2003

      I agree Pete, it’s not worth the risk and there were certainly Northstars on Friday who IMHO were out to rack up points and play a physical game, obviously against the spirit of the occasion.


      I would also suggest that we tell teams that we only wish to play with them if at least one qualified official will be officiating as many of the problems on Friday were caused by non-qualified refs who didn’t really have control of the game and who certainly weren’t impartial! I also believe that without a EIHA ref all insurance is also void.


      For those not in the know the Hyenas went down 5-2 to the Northstars. During the first 5 mins or so however Swindon threw some full-on checks (including taking both me and Lee into the boards) and the Hyenas left the ice refusing to play until the officials (who coincidently were wearing shirts the same colour as the home team!) got it under hand.


      Down 1-0 we came back to 2-1 both goals from Lee before I scored a beautiful own-goal to tie it up. Rick played stellar and was rightly nominated MOM. We all came out of the game however acknowledging that it was a close contest and there was certainly the possibility of a Hyenas win for most of the match.


      Without any natural centres (Paul, Pete F, Tony or Nick) the lines were (IIRC) –


      Spencer – Alexander – Findlay

      Compton - Rose – Burns

      Patel – Sims - Bone


      Murray – Laroque

      Hawken – Boardman


      Also I hadn’t replied to previous posts but I’d be up for additional training depending on time / place. Can we deffinately not get extra ice over the summer in Basingstoke then?


      See you Sunday guys and gals,






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      26 March 2003 11:48
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      Subject: [Hyenas] Re:
      Swindon on Friday, what happened???


      We just had a committee meeting last night and discussed this point in
      detail. Darrell you are correct with your understanding of the implications
      when "non eligible" players take part in a rec hockey game.

      As a committee we have decided to inform every club we are playing from now
      on that we only whish to play them if the game is properly registered and
      only eligible rec hockey players take part. I would be interested in the
      views of others. This action might preclude us from some games but we
      believe the insurance risk in taking part in such games is not worth taking.


      Peter #66

      > For what it is worth, here is my opinion, every time we go to Swindon
      > there seems to be U19/Junior players in their rec teams.  My
      > understanding is that if you are registered for a league or junior team
      > you cannot play for any other team.  If this happens all Insurances are
      > null and void if there is an accident.  Right or wrong committee?
      > I, as you know, am happy for a small amount of physical play but it
      > seems that a few of the Swindon juniors see this as an opportunity to
      > brush up on their unlawful skills.
      > We are a non contact team and I for on cannot afford any injuries
      > especially if I am not insured.
      > My call would be to discuss this with Geoff/Swindon and ensure that we
      > see registration cards before the game.  Referees of a certain ability
      > and standing should also be assured.  If we don't get the assurance we
      > should not play these games which would be a shame as they are normally
      > played in pretty good spirit.  Swindon, I am sure, have enough players
      > to put out a decent side without the Junior players and should stick to
      > the spirit of Rec hockey.
      > Cheers
      > Darrell


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