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RE: [Hyenas] Existing fixtures, new ones and directions

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  • Kyle J Alexander
    Existing fixtures, new ones and directionsYou can put me down for the Manchester and Basingstoke matches Paul. I think we should make the effort as a team to
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 12, 2001
      Existing fixtures, new ones and directions
      You can put me down for the Manchester and Basingstoke matches Paul.
      I think we should make the effort as a team to get up there after they brought almost a full team down to Basingstoke.
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      From: Paul Nicholls [mailto:paul.nicholls@...]
      Sent: 10 July 2001 17:26
      To: Hyenas
      Cc: Julia Burns; Iain Friar; Andy Hartfield; Jo Bennett; Peter Hawken; Dave Murray; Darrell Findlay; Steve Boardman; Tony Bayliss; Rich Dedman; John Purcell; Ian Courtney; Peter Freitag; Dave Bennett; Nick Foreman; Peter Ting; Lee Spencer; Gabby Giroux; Lisa Sherlock; Mike Rose; Melvin Tanner; Dave Sims; Scott Still; Acton Kilby; Dave Warman
      Subject: [Hyenas] Existing fixtures, new ones and directions

      Hi team

      Here are the current rosters for the next two fixtures. Also, the Manchester Flames have invited us up to Altrincham for a return match on the 22nd July, face-off 5.00pm - and The Milton Keynes Jesters have callenged us to a match in Milton Keynes on the 5th August, face-off 5.00pm. Please respons ASAP to me if you want to play, I have to confirm the games with the respective fixtures organisers.

      Directions supplied to me to Streatham are as follows (please also see attached map).

      386 Streatham High Road, London, SW16.
      Telephone: 020-8769-7771

      Getting there:

      The Streatham Bus Garage is next door to the rink and the following bus routes pass the door - 50, 57, 60, 109, 118, 133, 159, 201, 249, 250, 319, G1 and P13.

      Network South East's Streatham Station is next door and Streatham Common Station is within a few minutes walk.

      The nearest underground station is Tooting Bec on the Northern Line and then get a bus or taxi from there.

      If you are driving the Arena is on the A23 opposite the junction with the A214. If heading there from north of London then its quicker to get the M25 around to the A3 or A23 and then head back up into London, otherwise you get snarled up in traffic!

      Westminster Statesmen, at Streatham Ice Rink, Sunday 15th July Face-off 8.00pm

      1.  Paul Nicholls # 68 (Centre)
      2.  Ian Courtney #72 (Defence)
      3.  Rik Dedman #1 (Netminder)
      4.  Peter Hawken #5 (Defence)
      5.  Lee Spencer #21 (Left Wing)
      6.  Darrell Findlay #15 (Right Wing)
      7.  Steve Boardman #13 (Defence)
      8.  Lisa Sherlock #17 (Defence)
      9.  Acton Kilby #33 (Defence)
      10.  Dave Sims #10 (Defence)
      11.  Julia Burns #44 (Left Wing)
      12.  Scott Still #29 (Left Wing)
      13.  Kyle Alexander #9 (Right Wing)
      14.  Julia Burns #44 (Left Wing)
      15.  Nick Houseman
      16.  Dave Bennett #28 (Right Wing)

      Peterborough Rink Rats, at Basingstoke Ice Rink, Saturday 28th July Face-off 5.00pm

      1.  Peter Freitag #66 (C) (Centre)
      2.  Iain Friar #67 (Left Wing)
      3.  Acton Kilby #33 (Defence)
      5.  Mike Rose #?? (Left Wing?)
      6.  Lee Spencer #21 (Left Wing)
      7.  Andy Compton #19 (Defence)
      8.  Lisa Sherlock #17 (Defence)
      9.  Kyle Alexander #9 (Right Wing)
      10.  Julia Burns #44 (Left Wing)
      11.  Pete Ting (Centre)
      12.  Dave Bennett #28 (Right Wing)
      13.  John Purcell #91 (Centre)
      14.  Rik Dedman #1 (Netminder)
      15.  Steve Boardman #13 (Defence)
      16.  Melvin Tanner (Left Wing)
      17.  Scott Still #29 (? Wing)
      18.  Ian Courtney #72 (Defence)


      Paul #68
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