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Fw: Hockey for fun across the world

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      to be read with a French accent, I think;

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      Subject: Hockey for fun across the world

      > Sirs,
      > My name is Nicolas GAILLARD, I'm working for a company specialised in
      > ice hockey events and exchanges between Europe and North America.
      > Verney Sports is a division of Tourisme Verney, one of the most
      > important travelling company in France.
      > This division is directed by Mister Martin BOULIANNE, a french
      > born canadian. Martin played for the Granby Bisons in the Quebec Junior
      > Major League, was drafted by the Washington Capitals of the NHL and have
      > caps with the Canadian Olympic team. Then he crossed the Ocean to come and
      > play professional in Scotland first ( Fife) and then in France. After his
      > retirement Martin wished to promote Ice Hockey in France. Six years later,
      > our company is still growing up....
      > We are now working with many countries as Canada, France,
      > Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Czech Republic.... In fact all
      > european countries. We also are working in partnership with some
      > governments Tourism Commission .
      > This year we will print two kind of brochures concerning ice hockey
      > events and promotion. One for every events in Europe and one for every
      > events in North America.
      > We want to inform you on several point :
      > Some veterans want to travel in Europe and North America and have some
      > fun in playing games....We can do that for Hockey and Golf...where and
      > when you want to....
      > We can organise all your trip from our starting airport ( if we can
      > some flight tickets ) and Back. All the trips are organised by our
      > company. If you want to go in a country or in another, in this area or
      > in another, do this kind of visits you just have to tell us and we will
      > do something interesting for your group.
      > We have some tournaments we are associated with in Europe and Canada.
      > are working with some hockeyfun tournaments in France, Spain,
      > Switzerland, but also in Canada. We have some great connections in
      > Quebec and Ontario provinces.
      > We just have to study the price for all the trip depending on your
      > starting airport...
      > We just have to know where you want to go and how many you will be....
      > If you got any questions please ask me, I will reply you as soon as I
      > can
      > Best Regards
      > Nicolas GAILLARD
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