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Re: [Hyenas] Invicta Away

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  • Sarah
    Hi Dave It s SJ. Would you mind giving me a call., my nos is 0777 3751642. Need to just speak to you about tonight s transport., may need a favour but
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 23, 2013
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      Hi Dave

      It's SJ.  Would you mind giving me a call., my nos is 0777 3751642.    Need to just speak to you about tonight's transport.,  may need a favour but easier to talk than email etc...

      Thx Dave.


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      On 23 Feb 2013, at 10:53, Dave Key <dave_key@...> wrote:


      Is everyone meting at the rink before travelling to sort out car spaces? If so what time?


      Sarah <sjn210570@...>
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      18/02/2013 19:37

      Please respond to

      "Hyenas@yahoogroups.com" <Hyenas@yahoogroups.com>
      Re: [Hyenas] Invicta Away


      I think we now have enough players.,   Scoots will confirm this.


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      On 18 Feb 2013, at 18:12, "carl.sinclair81" <
      carl.sinclair81@...> wrote:


      Dont be a girl fenno and get your name on the list

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      Ian Fenton <
      fenno94@...> wrote:

      So, have you got enough players for this yet?
      I'm hoping it gets canned so that I can play the rearranged away leg! :o)
      From: Sarah <sjn210570@...>
      Hyenas@yahoogroups.com" <Hyenas@yahoogroups.com>
      Friday, 15 February 2013, 16:20
      [Hyenas] Invicta Away

      Hi guys

      Just to reiterate Scoots' text. We only have 6 players confirmed to play Invicta away. Can you please let him know if your available or not otherwise the game will be cancelled.

      I feel this will be a huge shame as there has been so much moaning recently about the points and not being able to play etc...

      We took 3 lines there a few months back so come on peeps., lets do the same again.

      See you soon.


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