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  • Graham Woolford
    FYI for anyone who may be interested.   Graham ... From: Jaimie Longmuir To: pandhfreitag@googlemail.com;
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2013
    FYI for anyone who may be interested.

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    Sent: Saturday, 19 January 2013, 10:10
    Subject: FW: BOBIHC

    I hope you are well 

    My name is Jaimie Longmuir and I contact you from Best of British Ice Hockey Camps

    We are just getting ready for our easter and summer camps and I am hoping you may be able to assist us 

    Attached is the information on all forthcoming camps and I was hoping you could help promote this to other club members and anyone you feel may be interested in our events 

    Anywhere we can get the info including club website, facebook, emails to club members – anything that your able to do would be great and massively appreciated 

    In return we would be happy to arrange group discounted rates for club members if we had a few bookings for the event – we would be delighted to assist you guys in anyway we can can

    Our adult camp takes place at ice sheffield 18-23 August 2013 which we anticipate to be busy as the last 2 camps have totally sold out.

    The camp includes 3hrs ice time per day, off ice conditioning, video analysis, lunch each day and and official camp shirt 

    We really appreciate any assistance and support you can provide 

    Thank you so much 

    07892 683 067

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