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Re: [Hyenas] Re: Hyena Website

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  • Carl Sinclair
    Nice work lofty looks good Sent from my iPhone
    Message 1 of 80 , May 6, 2012
      Nice work lofty looks good

      Sent from my iPhone

      On 6 May 2012, at 14:35, "matt" <mattlofthouse@...> wrote:


      i will ask the fixtures for the game data that i am missing once i know what games i dont have,


      --- In Hyenas@yahoogroups.com, "matt" <mattlofthouse@...> wrote:
      > Hi guys,
      > The hyena site had been down for a while, and it was mentioned that we need online again so players could follow there career penalty minutes.
      > it took an age to recover the data, but have no fear, i have succesfully done it.
      > I have uploaded the 2005 season and hope to have the complete club history done in a couple of days.
      > i am hosting it on a temporary server at the moment and so the address of the site will change once iv done a full site back up.
      > i am going to be giving mike a copy of the site to see if he can host it, but its no problem if it is'nt in the correct format becouse i will be able to use another one of our servers.
      > the address is
      > http://host17.qnop.net/~hyenaste/
      > this will change to www.hyenas.co.uk as soon as the domain name has been forwarded, if anyone can reach the domain name owner and ask them to transfer it or point it to the new adress would be gratefull
      > there is a Team Locker section where players can see the player numbers, use opinion polls, order team apparal, change there player profile,
      > this section is nearly ready so if you want to create a user profile follow the link below.
      > http://host17.qnop.net/~hyenaste/index.php?option=com_user&view=login
      > the functions here dont work yet, but they will do shortly.
      > there will be special privalges sent to certain members for editing and management rights,
      > if you need anything ammended on the site message me or mike currie.
      > i hope you all like it,

    • Sarah
      I think I have scored 4 goals not 1. I got 2 in my first game, 1 invicta away and 1 MK away. Other than that looking good Matt. Well done on yr hard work.
      Message 80 of 80 , May 19, 2012
        I think I have scored 4 goals not 1.  I got 2 in my first game,  1 invicta away and 1 MK away.

        Other than that looking good Matt.  Well done on yr hard work. Appreciated.


        Sent from my iPhone

        On 18 May 2012, at 17:24, "matt" <mattlofthouse@...> wrote:


        Hi guys, the hyena site is complete and the player statistics are upto date,
        well missing a few game sheets, but the majority are there :)


        it will become hyenas.co.uk but the domain transfer hasnt been done yet :(

        to access the player section you must register,
        click login - topmenu, register,

        Team Locker

        Hyena Poll
        random poll's will go here asking for your opinion on serious and fun subjects.

        Training Points
        it explains the training points system
        it is also ready to show current players training points in a list format, - but will need approval from the commity. the volunteer who records attendance will have editing privalages to update attendance points.

        Update Player Profile
        there you will be able to submit new Player Profile information, you can add your experience or your fave teams.

        Player Numbers
        Here you will find a list of all the player numbers used bu the club, it is empty at the moment but as players fill out there profile it will populate,

        Order Hyena Kit
        here you will be able to order player jersey
        there will be a link to buy socks also
        other items will be added in the furniture

        enjoy peoples
        let me know if there are any issues



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