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  • nporterandjbailey@tiscali.co.uk
    Jun 3, 2011
      money is in #25

      ----Original Message----
      From: richardthoms1@hotmail.
      Date: 29/05/2011 16:01
      To: "Basingstoke Hyena's"
      Subj: [Hyenas] IMPORTANT - Please Read [1


      I have to make you aware of our less-than-ideal
      financial situation. Unfortunately we are in a bit of trouble and we
      cannot meet our current commitments (Details below and attached).

      committee has discussed the situation in our recent meeting and
      reviewed the available solutions.*

      We do not want to cut planned
      fixtures or increase subs… What we are asking therefore is that ALL
      players make a one-off £20 payment ASAP so that we can keep running.

      This decision was not taken lightly; Unfortunately it is necessary. If
      we do not have a cash injection the club will be at serious risk. This
      month poses a high risk to us - June and July are easier.

      We also
      require that ALL players’ set-up standing order payments.**

      Here are
      the details and a bit of background (for those that want to know). The
      attached spreadsheet gives you the figures:

      The club is one of, if
      not the cheapest around.

      It is a development club.

      It is a not-for-
      profit organisation.

      We run month-to-month on tight budgets.

      until last season we were subsidised by a council grant.

      The grant
      is no longer available.

      Apx one year ago we increased subs to £25 per
      person per month.

      The first time this has been necessary in the
      clubs history.

      Subs were agreed at the current levels at last years

      It was the first time in the clubs history that Netminders
      were included.

      We do not want to increase subs because of our current

      In Oct ’10 Planet Ice increased the cost of ice to £120.75
      ex VAT per hour

      We did not know this at the beginning of the season
      or at the AGM.

      In Jan VAT went up to 20% (1hr ice costs £145)

      last year VAT was 15%.

      We are required to pay a minimum 4.5 hours of
      ice per month.

      There are 52 weeks in the year and 12 months.

      A booking of 2 hours is required for a home have.

      At the
      start of May Planet Ice changed their invoice period from monthly to

      We now receive two invoices each month.

      Our bill for
      May is more than £1300.

      In addition May is a 5 week month and we have
      two home fixtures.

      We have 9 hrs of ice to pay for instead of the
      normal 6

      The club agreed that membership would be kept at a level to
      cover costs and not increase to a number that might see extremely busy
      training sessions etc.

      It was agreed that 35 skaters was ideal

      have not met this number all season

      In a nutshell a number of small
      changes, increases etc have culminated in a situation that leaves us
      with a £400+ deficit at the end of May. Simply put, we don’t have
      enough cash coming in to pay for the ice time we’ve had.

      situation is a TEAM issue. If we cannot pay we cannot skate - simples.

      My contact details are below if anyone needs/wants to have a chat. Or
      you can talk to anyone of the committee. For those transferring the
      funds please put reference “your initials + ONE-OFF” on your payment.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news – it’s an unfortunate necessity.

      See you soon,
      07786 068193

      *Increasing the number of
      players is a long term solution and not a short term solution. This is
      something we intend to discuss at the AGM.

      **We are aware that this
      is difficult for a few of you. Unfortunately it is now a requirement
      for the club. You are required to have an arrangement in place by 31
      July 2011.
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