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7615RE: [Hyenas] xmas due and end of year awards

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  • Richard Thoms
    Nov 3, 2008
      I'm happy with whatever, Bison game would be alright as people could go for drinks afterwards etc. Would be nice to do something where partners/families could be included though, meal and drinks type thing.
      My 2 cents worth.

      To: Hyenas@yahoogroups.com
      From: ifenton@...
      Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 13:35:00 +0000
      Subject: RE: [Hyenas] xmas due and end of year awards

      I'm not really fussed about the Bison game to be honest dude - would prefer something different but will be happy to go with the flow if others prefer the Bison option!

      Ian Fenton
      Eurosource IT
      01189 810001

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      Sent: 02 November 2008 14:02
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      Subject: RE: [Hyenas] xmas due and end of year awards

      Just an idea guys, we have a game in stokie on the 15th, the bison also have a game so im looking into renting one of the suites out in the bar so we can watch from there but still have our own place for awards
      muz drinks are on u at xmas

      --- On Sat, 1/11/08, Andy Murray <andymurray85@ hotmail.com> wrote:
      From: Andy Murray <andymurray85@ hotmail.com>
      Subject: RE: [Hyenas] xmas due and end of year awards
      To: hyenas@yahoogroups. com
      Date: Saturday, 1 November, 2008, 4:49 PM

      I propose that you all come for a few beers when I'm back at Xmas! (not for the awards do but just cos we all love beer)
      Andy (who has been at a graduate recruitment fair today, who says student life is easy, i have been "working" weekends)

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      From: b_allum@yahoo. com
      Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 09:08:18 -0700
      Subject: Re: [Hyenas] xmas due and end of year awards


      --- On Sat, 11/1/08, ricky.de@talk21. com <ricky.de@talk21. com> wrote:
      From: ricky.de@talk21. com <ricky.de@talk21. com>
      Subject: [Hyenas] xmas due and end of year awards
      To: "hockey team" <hyenas@yahoogroups. com>
      Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008, 1:33 PM

      Hi all
      First off my apologies for the lack of team events recently, im having tough time at work and college and have very little time to myself
      Right were looking to have an end of year awards at some stage, now last years we went go karting, this year wont be that grand, but if anyone has any ideas on what they would like to do for awards let me know asap as i need to sort it with in next week or so...
      Xmas due will take place in the 1st weekend of february, its this late as we know everyone is short of cash in january after xmas etc so the 1st week in feb most people should have been paid, again any ideas of what u want to let me know and ill see what i can do

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