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  • neil moss
    Sep 3 9:29 AM
      Hi All,

      It is with much regret that I wont be returning this
      season due to work,family and life commitments.

      I wanted to stay with the team (as i tried to keep
      coming back) but unfortunately I cant commit to every
      week - as I dont know where work takes me from week to
      week - month to month.

      I have enjoyed my time playing with you all...and
      especially those of you who supported me from day
      one.. you know who you are : )

      I'm on facebook and will hopefully try and get to
      games (those at a resonable time anyway) to stay in
      touch with you all.

      Watch this space for kit details to sell : (

      Take care and give em hell : )

      All the best

      Neil Moss 77

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