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5640New off-ice training pucks - Flypucks

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  • Nick Beale
    Apr 4, 2007
      Hi all,

      I've bought some new off-ice training puck which are the best I've
      found to use. They do not roll but glide across any smoth surface
      inside or out. I bought a few spare incase anyone else would be
      interested and selling some Ebay.

      There are 3 types
      4oz (red) Lighter than normal to develop hand speed
      6oz (Blue) Standard puck weight for game feel
      8oz (Black) Heavier than usual to develop strength

      You can see them by typing flypuck onto ebay.co.uk Or follow this

      Have a look what you think and let me know if anyone wants some of
      course only £9.99 and no postage.



      Oh and is there any training on Sunday with the bank holidays and
      all, wasn't there last week as was in Dublin drinks too much of the
      Black stuff
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