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5112RE: [Hyenas] PAINTBALL (Woo Hoo!)

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  • Jamie Binch
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Hi Dave


      No Problem mate, name duly added



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      Is it too late to add my name to the list of lunatics Jamie?



      Jamie Binch <jamie@vanclomp45. fsnet.co. uk> wrote:

      Hello All

      We have finally got the bits all sorted for our little ol’ Paintball trip out. It is going to be at Paintball Park , Southampton (funnily enough, the site where I play at!) It’s a really friendly site with good facilities & staff etc… and they are going to do us a good deal which beats all other sites out there.

       We are going to choose the £35 package that includes all kit, gun and gas, 600+100 paintballs and tea & coffee, basically all you need for a full day. For those of you with itchy trigger fingers they will do extra paint at 4p a ball when you need more which is a very good price for site paint.

      This links to the site if anyone wants to have a look www.paintballsouth. co.uk/Southampto n_Paintball/ southampton- home.htm

      As everyone who was there for the AGM decided that we would make this a club sponsored event we decided that the club would pay £25 towards every Hyena’s member who wished to go. So using basic maths that means it will be £10 each for a full days ‘balling which considering everything including paint is included is very very good value.

      As we also decided at the AGM was that we would open it up to friends & family (over 18’s only though, sorry) but they would have to pay the full price of £35 (still a great deal though for them) so feel free to ask anyone you think might like to play.

      The date we have settled on is Saturday 23rd September. I thing this is a fair date as it is far enough away for people to plan things around it.

      All I need to know for now is a yes or no and any extra numbers. I am back up North ‘till Friday so email in your replies and I will sort it all out Friday.

      If anyone really has a problem with the date let me know and we will have to have a look see

      (Andy, I’m hoping you are still around, or you will at least be able to get down. It will be a great day)

      For anyone who is unsure it is a really great day and we should have a great laugh. Make sure you find a gap in your social calendars!!

      Cheers for now


      P.S. I know it wasn’t an official Hyena’s game and we had a couple of ringers out there but looking at the game from the periods I played it was a great clinical performance. I think the RAF surprised us a bit with their skating speed (more thanks to Reme probably!) but we handled it well and put together a lot of good plays. Well done all and especially those who made it through training too!! (and it was only just for some of us!! Lol)

      Congrats to Jools as well on your mid air, batted in on the volley, goal of the game!!


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