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  • Andy Murray
    Sep 15, 2005
      Hey Guys,

      Right basically i'm leaving next saturday to embark on a drunken life in
      Birmingham oh lucky me.... Was speaking to Rik and we thought it would be
      cool to see if some people fancied coming out for a little drink in town...
      Short notice i know but we are thinking possibly heading out tomorrow night
      cos its easier for guys with work during the week.

      Thinking along the lines of maybe Spoons at the top of town at 8 or 8.30 or
      so if anyone can make it. If not i'll be at training on Saturday and
      probably out around for a few drinks next week if anyone fancies it. Would
      be good to see a few of the guys away from the rink before i go, short
      notice i know and i understand if a lot of you cant make it.

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