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3979RE: [Hyenas] Basics game last night

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  • Mike Rose
    Aug 10, 2005
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      Will have to call that one a 7-2 win then :o)
      will be sticking to the day job just for the time being.
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      You let in less than Sam by about 5 I guess!!!  You might make a goalie, but don't give up the day job yet.
      Thanks for the comments, yes we did have a bit of fun.
      Dave Murray
      Product And Purchasing Manager
      01256 374722 - Tel
      01256 374747 - Fax
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      Subject: [Hyenas] Basics game last night

      Anyone at the basics game know what the final score was?? Also anyone know if any budding photographers got any pics they want to share?
      Mike #8 (aka super sieve)
      PS, Dave M if ya need a cone in net, just holler, the basics was good this year. thanks. 
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