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372Sundays Game

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  • Paul Nicholls
    Jul 5, 2000
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      To those of you on e-list/one-list

      The game this Sunday has been changed.

      As there has been some discussions on playing Gosport again, we have
      rearranged this Sunday's match. The Hyenas will now be playing the Army team
      (REME) at home.

      Ice time starts at 7.45pm Sunday night at Basingstoke. Please inform anyone
      you know who is not on e-mail.

      Graeme, can you confirm that the REME have a full time?

      We will have no refs as all EIHA registered refs are on a training course.
      This will therefore be an unofficial scrimmage.

      See you all at Basingstoke 7.00ish on Sunday.

      Let's sort out the lines BEFORE we ice!!!


      Paul #4
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