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3312Meeting 6th March 7.30 at the Sports Bar

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  • Darrell Findlay
    Mar 1, 2005
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      As you are aware we are meeting as a team to discuss a couple of things.

      1. The New York game

      The aim of this is to ensure we have a sub committee so all the jobs and
      roles can be allocated to individuals so that the work load is spread. This
      will also ensure that the event is a huge success. Attached is some ideas,
      please print out and come along and have your views. If you cannot make
      training please e-mail me before Sunday so I can discuss with the team on
      your behalf.

      2. The points system for game selection

      Again I'll try and explain this on the night but basically we get 1 point
      for training every week and 2 points for playing an away match. This gives
      us a fair team selection based over the previous 8 weeks before the game
      commences. We close game selection a week before the game.

      Two things for this point:-

      A) Are we happy with having 2 points now for an away match, or do we move it
      back to 1 point. (We originally made this rule to encourage people to play
      away games, in the dark days where we were struggling to get numbers at away
      matches). For my part I think we should keep this as is.

      B) We have discussed giving 2 points to members who put their name down for
      an away game but are not able to play because their training points are not
      enough at that time. Again for what it's worth I think it is a good idea as
      it gives some support and potentially can help if we have an injury or major
      penalty if they take along their kit.

      Suggest we vote on both of these items.

      Cheers and see you on Sunday

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