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2884RE: [Hyenas] Game 3 Apr 02

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  • Mike Rose
    Apr 2, 2004
      Is anyone else from the team going to Bracknell this sat night??? Could be a good opportunity to gauge some prospective opposition for a future game.
      I am up for it. Should anyone else decide to go, please bear in mind that it is at your own risk and not EIHA sanctioned.
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      From: kay carrington [mailto:kayscarrington@...]
      Sent: 01 April 2004 21:34
      To: Hyenas@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: [Hyenas] Game 3 Apr 02

      Hi guys
      It is getting a bit late in the day to be able to give you any firm details about the status of the team on Sat 3 Apr so I guess we will have to call it off.  They are playing 'Synergie' in Oxford tonight, whoever they are, but without the EIHA clarification I understand peoples reluctance to play.
      However, they still have the ice and if anyone has nothing better to do on a Saturday night and feels like a run round the ice, they, (and I ) will be there.  My mobile number is 07787 565354 if anyone fancies a run out.  Hopefully they will get organised for their next trip in May and we can give them a game.  Apologies for keeping those who wanted to play hanging on.

      kay carrington <kayscarrington@...> wrote:
      Hi Guys
      I should be able to confirm tomorrow regarding whether the team from Germany are EIHA registered, their manager was supposed to be sorting it out but as they all come from all over the place the captain couldnt say for sure at the moment.
      They are a non checking team and have the ice paid for at Bracknell on Saturday at 1130 pm til 130 am.  They have a qualified ref unless I can sort out another one so he can get a game.  Their admin is abit bad as I said before, so they only have training sessions booked at Slough and Oxford for their short trip, no other games, so they are keen to play.
      Please reply if you are interested, if not enough people are I will let them know.

      kay carrington <kayscarrington@...> wrote:
      Anyone up for the game on Sat 3 Apr at against the squaddies at Bracknell, we might even win!!

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