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282Hockey Coach's Manual.

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  • chrisr@uk.ibm.com
    May 4, 2000
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      People, I saw the advert on our site for the various books now available.
      I ordered "Hockey Coach's Manual" by Michael A. Smith, ordering was dead
      easy and it arrived at my door in less than 24 hours. From what I've read
      so far it seems very good! . Don't worry I'm not thinking of aspiring to a

      I mention buying this book just in case anyone else is thinking of buying
      one or other of these books. It might be worth keeping a list of who has
      what and avoiding duplication, or perhaps make them available for
      evaluation for those who are tempted but would like a look see first. Or we
      could form a library between us.

      I do intend to be at practice this evening but if I'm not you can blame the
      exercise on page 47 Chapter two it reads...

      Skating skill development off ice...
      Practice dekes by running at pylons or other stationery objects such as
      trees or chairs , and practice the following moves....
      25... Head dekes. The player looks one way and moves in the other

      Anybody whose seen me try to chew gum whilst skating will appreciate the
      possible outcomes from this practice.

      Thanks and regards, Chris
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