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    Jun 2, 2002
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      Hiya guys and gals,

      Hope everyone's enjoying the weather and the long weekend.
      I'm already up and in Legoland ready for work! Not sure if
      I'll be at training tonight and not sure how much I am
      going to make it over the summer. To this end I'd be really
      appreciative of a volunteer to take the attendance register
      for me on a regular basis and email it to me on a Monday or
      Tuesday. I can supply check lists and tick forms so you
      don't need to know everyone's names etc.

      Hope everyone's well, sorry to hear about your leg Pete but
      that's what you get when you play with the girls! ;) Hope
      it gets better soon and you're back out on the ice with us
      as soon as possible.

      Hopefully see you all tonight,


      Kyle J Alexander