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2013IOW Roster

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  • Peter Hawken
    May 1, 2002
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      With almost everybody having said yes or no to the game on the 27th, the roster is now settled.  Several players have confirmed that they won't be playing.  Two or three others haven't registered or said they can't play, but it works out that they are not eligible due to attendance figures for March and April.  We can therefore announce the players who are eligible

      So, the final roster is:
      #05 Pete HAWKEN
      #08 Mike ROSE
      #66 Pete FREITAG
      #13 Steve BOARDMAN
      #17 Lisa SHERLOCK
      #14 Mark WESTBROOK
      #44 Julia BURNS
      #15 Darrell FINDLAY
      #22 James BONE LW
      #29 Scott STILL
      #11 Tony BAYLISS
      #09 Kyle ALEXANDER
      #72 Ian COURTNEY
      #91 John PURCELL
      #16 Gaby GIROUX

      Unfortunately, due to the many people who wanted to play the game, we have to say no to several players.  Should any player not be able to play after registering, next in line is Melvin Tanner.  If anyone cannot play for any reason, please get in touch as soon as possible to make sure we can offer the place to another player.

      Remember also:  £10 is to be paid BEFORE the game.  No exceptions, no credit, no excuses because invariably, last season, one or two managed to avoid paying each time.  This time, we need to make sure that all players pay their way.

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