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1771Manchester Game registration

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  • Peter Hawken
    Feb 1, 2002
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      I believe that so far, Paul has only asked for a choice of dates and
      no one has yet signed up for the game. The usual rules will apply to
      selection but because of the distance and the probable overnight
      stay, we will be closing registrations earlier than normal to give
      the selected players time to arrange hotels etc.

      I realise that the Flames website lists our game, but wait for
      registration instructions from Paul before we start asking for places
      or hotel rooms etc.


      On Thu, 31 Jan 2002 14:27:18 -0000, Rob Houlding wrote:
      >Is the list already written for this game in other words are there
      >spaces left...
      >If not no worries, but I would like to play if there are...trouble
      >is I'll
      >need a lift there. Anything short of being strapped to the OUTSIDE
      >of the
      >vehicle or stuffed in the boot is acceptable.
      >I thank you.
      >#...err...hmmm...27 or 29...which way do I shoot ?

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