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  • Vincent Connare
    Dec 10 3:50 PM
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      Thanks Peter,

      but what time is the time for training on Sundays? is it ~8:30p?

      btw...I have two Washington Caps 2000 home (white) and visitor (blue)


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      From: Peter Hawken [mailto:Chairman@...]
      Sent: 10 December 2001 08:43
      To: vince.connare@...
      Subject: Hyenas


      Thanks for writing again. It would be great to see you again on the
      ice but we have one or two small problems to overcome before we can
      get you back into the team.

      The main one is that the club is currently bursting at the seams with
      a waiting list of new people who want to join. I think that we need
      to make some kind of exception for previous players but that is
      likely to take a little while to get it agreed with some of the other
      players. Because of this, we expect our players to make a commitment
      to the club by training on a regular basis.

      In the meantime, it is probably sensible that you come along on
      Sunday nights and get yourself registered. That way, at least you
      will get time on the ice even if it doesn't extend to games right

      To register, we need two photographs, £25 and two forms need to be
      completed. The subscription is now £20 per month, payable by direct
      debit and covers training fees and other club expenses. This is
      payable regardless of attendance on Sunday nights. Thursday sessions
      have only been running in the Summer and when they start again, they
      will be charged separately.

      Players are selected for games strictly on training attendance rather
      than ability or other criteria. This means that those players who
      have trained most are the ones who get to play games when they come
      up. The players who turn up once or twice each month therefore tend
      to get dropped for games. Finally, we are asking all new members to
      purchase two shirts and a pair of socks before playing in games. The
      cost is £70 and includes name tags. Once we have established you as
      a full team member once more, we shall talk about getting your shirts
      allocated to you

      I hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing you soon

      Peter Hawken
      -- Peter Hawken, Chairman@... on 10/12/2001
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