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11460RE: [Hyenas] Guys n gals ... well worth a look...... best of british ihc

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  • James Bone
    Feb 18, 2014
    Here's the flyer that I thought id attached before

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    Subject RE: [Hyenas] Guys n gals ... well worth a look...... best of british ihc


    If my head no longer fits in my helmet Fenno, I blame you :)

    I'd be up for either of these, so whichever the majority wanted to go to... Hyenas Team line for any scrimmages would be awesome! :)

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    july dates would be best for me to. Put me on the list.

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    From: James
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    Subject: RE: [Hyenas] Guys n gals ... well worth a look...... best of british ihc


    Well said fenno,

    A text will go out after this weekend for those not on the email group yet. They have said there might be a club discount if we get a few together.

    Im with Mike C that the june one would be of interest to me.


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    From: fenno94@...
    Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 11:31:24 +0000
    Subject: Re: [Hyenas] Guys n gals ... well worth a look...... best of british ihc


    I'd definitely recommend anyone on our team to go on this - there is no substitute for ice time to see big leaps in improvement in your skills and in your game.#
    As an example (and don't let this go to your head Matt - you should consider this too) Matt Pennyfarthing-Neal has really come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of seasons and this is partly due to a dedication to learning and improvement in terms of skills and fitness but a huge part of the on-ice improvement is down to the pure number of ice-hours he has logged.
    Sometimes it's difficult to take help and pointers from your team mates, however long they may have been playing, so you're far more likely to take more from an intense training camp.
    At least have a look into this and consider going on it as you will get much more out of the game with an improved skill set, be that skating, passing, puckhandling, shooting, positioning - everything!*
    *I have no connection to this camp and am not on any commission.

    On Monday, 17 February 2014, 23:53, James Bone <James22ice@...> wrote:
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    From Jaimie Longmuir <jaimie.longmuir@...>
    Date: 17/02/2014 22:16 (GMT+00:00)
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    Subject best of british ihc


    I hope you don't mind me contacting you.  Our organisation is best of british ice hockey camps and we operate camps throughout the UK

    We have an Adult Camp for beginners, intermediates and advanced taking place in Bracknell from 27-29 May and 29-31 July – the camp is suitable for Recreational and University players looking to improve their skills

    The camp includes 3hrs ice time per day as well as off ice conditioning, video, lunch and camp jersey.  The coaching staff will be a combination of professional players and coaches from the UK 

    I just wondered if it would be possible to pass details of the camp on to any team members you feel may be interested in attending? Anything you could do in terms of website, emails to members, social media , word of mouth etc would be a great help

    We would be happy to provide a group discounted rate for any of your club members who would be interested 

    If you could let me know your thoughts it would be much appreciated and we can provide any additional information or marketing materials you may need 

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my email 

    Kind Regards


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