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10505Re: [Hyenas] Provisional date set for EIHA Rec Tournament - PLEASE REPLY OR WE WILL MISS OUT

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  • ricky.de@talk21.com
    Mar 7, 2012
      Work permitting I will be a yes. Bit far in advance to be 100% yes.
      Also good work at last game I hear. Well done guys
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      Subject: Re: [Hyenas] Provisional date set for EIHA Rec Tournament - PLEASE REPLY OR WE WILL MISS OUT


      Guys and Girls,

      So far we have about 10 replies (all yes) to this tournament.

      Please reply either way as if we miss out on submitting our entry we will miss out on the tournament AGAIN this year.


      I would suggest that we enter this tournament anyway and those that have said yes can split the cost between us if need be.

      Anyone not responding to you runs the risk of not being involved in the tournament when it comes around.  An non-reply might as well be a no, but it should not mean that the rest of us miss out.



      From: Graham Woolford <grahamwoolford@...>
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      Subject: [Hyenas] Provisional date set for EIHA Rec Tournament


      Hi team

      Just seen on the EIHA website that they have set a date for the non-checking rec tournament at Swindon this year of 18/19 August, entry is £150.00 per team on a first come first serve basis so if we are interested we will need to keep an eye on their website as it says at present that there will be no further info/announcement until early June.


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