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Re: [Hydrofoil] Custom Fit

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  • Steve Lingo
    Hi Steve, Don t know that I d need/want custom fit boots for a sit-on-top foil, but I can see how it might be of interest to you for your stand-up foil. There
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      Hi Steve,
      Don't know that I'd need/want custom fit boots for a sit-on-top foil, but I can see how it might be of interest to you for your stand-up foil.  There are some manufacturers that are making hardshell boot for slalom waterskis (Fogman, Goode, etc) and Connelly also now has boots, though not hardshell, that have a binding release for wakeboards and skis.  In either case having custom footbeds ("orthodics"), or even an off-the-shelf orthodic like SuperFeet, would go a long way to improving your fit and, thus, you control of the board. You'll also find they are much more confortable on your feet, especially on hard landings, because your feet stay put and don't jam forward.
      Since I've received a number of queries from group members about where to get custom orthodics, below is what I've sent them. Note that the SUREFOOT, and probably any other brand, while designed for skiboots, can be used anywhere, even on the water (in addition to my skiboots, I have SUREFOOT footbeds in my hiking boots.  But note that SUREFOOT, or any custom orthodic, is not cheap. So I use the off-the-shelf Superfeet footbeds in most of my shoes/boots. At $25 a pair they're great and last nearly forever. I have them in running shoes and just keep moving the same pair of footbeds to each new pair of running shoes.  I also buy them and cut the fronts off, leavning just the healcup and arch support, for use in my dress shoes.  (this is a MUST if you have high arches or suffer from pantar facitis!)
      If you're a serious, or even a semi serious skier custom orthodics and liners are ESSENIAL. Orthodics first, Liners second if you have to pace your purchasing. If you ask around you should be able to find THE ski shop near you that has the best boot fitter in your area. He/she will use one of several systems to get the job done. But do make sure you check around and have good references from real skiers (racers) before you go this route because a small shop is only as good as THE boot fitter that works there.
      A better way--what both my wife and I (and most of my skier friends) do is use SUREFOOT (http://www.surefoot.com).  You can find a shop in/near most major ski towns and once fitted you get a lifetime guaranteed fit that's good in any SUREFOOT any where in the world.  Over the years my wife and I have had our boots "tweeked" at Whistler, Vail, Steamboat, Sydney Australia, and probably some other place I can't remember.  So that's worth a lot of money to have the capability to just walk in to any shop in the world during lunch and say "hey, I've got a hot spot right here. Fix it." and they do, no charge.  Can't do that using a local shop cuz if your boots hurt when you're in Banff, but your shop is in Dallas, or wherever you live, you'll have to wait until you get home and then try to remember where it hurt, hope they fix it, and then you won't know until the next time you go skiing.
      Lake Anna, VA
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      Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 2:30 PM
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      Steve -
      I'd like more info on the custom molded skiboot liners. 
      Do they also make custom molded liners for snowboard boots?
      This might be helpful in making a tighter fit, thus better control, for riding my Rush Foilboard.
      If you feel that your answer is useful to the group, feel free to post your reply to the group.
      Steve Landess
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 6:49 AM
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      Hey David,
      Yes, I'm sure you'll get wise 'cracks' from some of this group... ;-)
      But I think you've got the right idea.  The man:machine interface in always critical to controling the machine.  This is exactly why I and many others have custom orthodics and custom molded liners in our skiboots.
      You selling them yet? Price??
      Lake Anna, VA
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      Sent: Monday, May 28, 2007 10:27 PM
      Subject: [Hydrofoil] check this out

      Since I switched from my old AC to my SSLE I've always felt something
      lacking in the interface between my butt and the ski. It felt like I
      was riding on the two points of my butt bone and could not keep myself
      forward on the seat where I need to be. I had to tighten the belt
      until my lap was bruised. Side to side control seemed lacking also.
      Here is my solution. I'm sure there'll be a lot of wise cracks about
      this, my kids already named it the butt bra. Anyway it works great and
      I love it.
      David B

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