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Re: [Hydrofoil] The Xcalibur is born!!!!

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  • Rob Plamondon
    I remember having a conversation with Mike Murphy at the first TN-Flyin about making a T-Bar exactly like what you ve shown us (little as it is tease). He
    Message 1 of 51 , Feb 1, 2007
      I remember having a conversation with Mike Murphy at the first TN-Flyin about making a T-Bar exactly like what you've shown us (little as it is tease).  He told me they tried that and it didn't ride as well as the profile that all t-bars have had since day one.
      I took him at his word because spacy as Murph could be on some subjects, I found him to be incredibly knowledgable when discussing fluid and aero dynamics and the differences between the two sciences.
      I am looking forward to hearing how your bar rides Bryan because due to my lifelong experience building and flying model airplanes, it makes sense to me that a "teardrop" or "airfoil" t-bar would perform better.  Particularly in colder water to eliminate suck-down or ventilation.
      Now that we're living in a CNC world, we can try lots of profiles on all surfaces that could not be acheived by hand fabrication.
      Rob Plamondon
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      Subject: RE: [Hydrofoil] The Xcalibur is born!!!!

      You’re right.  I have no clue.  So I may not even try to ride it.  J  Then again, maybe I’ll drive 12 hours to go find warmer water so I can play on it asap.

      Let’s just say I have high hopes in this t-bar – and a great deal of confidence in the people who helped me design it.  It’s good to know good riders, and have 2500 engineering students and 100 engineering faculty at my disposal whenever I need questions answered.  And nope, this t-bar is not going to be for everyone.  But I can promise you one thing – there is no way it can be any worse than some bars I’ve been on.  J


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      Subject: Re: [Hydrofoil] The Xcalibur is born!!!!

      Maybe this is a dumb question, but how do you know it's so good before you've ridden it?
      (I'm sure you'll make it turn out great) Anxiously waiting further reports and pictures.  Show
      us a picture of what it looks like off the mill before polishing.  I always wanted to see one at
      that stage.
      David B

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      Schumacher, Bryan J. wrote:

      "XCalibur - taking this sport to XTREME heights!!!"

      "let's just say it is called 'Xcalibur' for a reason... not everyone can handle it" 

      "The Xcalibur is definitely for the XTREME rider!"

      Here's a preview of the newest t-bar on the block.  I won't let out the "secrets" yet, but I can tell you that you have about 3 weeks to keep calling me 49r.  Enjoy it while you can.  :)

      So... my story continues - I want the best ride out there...  I had always thought to myself - "why was this done this way - it doesn't make sense.  I think I could make a better one."  First the front wing - then the rear wing (still in testing), now the Xcalibur.  It's been an awesome few months getting to this point.  It's going to be an amazing t-bar - there were so many phone calls, video conferences, teleconferences - for awhile there I think we were talking every day.  I'd make a few changes on the model - we'd review it, change a few things, and meet again the next night.  Emails would fly around cyberspace - pics and models were constantly reviewed until we were all happy with our final product.  Then it was a matter of finding a CNC place that could handle our tough requirements.  It cost us a little more - but let's just say the rest of the picture that I'm not showing you is amazing.  Simply amazing.

      It's nice to have high end riders that know what they want out of a foil.  This has everything I have ever dreamed of and more.  If you want something done right - you do it yourself.  This is a perfect example of that.

      So when are they going to be ready for the public???  It's going to be awhile.  Mid summer if we are lucky.  The t-bar won't hit the water for about 2 weeks.  Still have polishing, riding, testing, tuning, riding,  riding, and more riding.  :)  We only had enough made for 3 of us... so don't bother begging.  We don't have any more material nor any more t-bars.  At least for now...

      Wondering who are the "Xcalibur chosen"?  You'll figure it out soon enough... probably from the pictures that get posted after their first ride.  Look for the big smile on their faces. 

      What else are we working on at XTREME Foils?  Yep, we will have another choice for a front wing for our riders.  More choices are always better.  What is changing?  Placement on the t-bar.  Some riders like the "more stable" ride - moving the wing back accomplishes that.  It allows the rider to land more back on the foil (like most are used to landing), without relaunching you.  The Mach 2 front wing is tough to beat for a leading edge design (hence the SkySki look-alike).  There's a reason the max air looks so much like the Mach 2.  But I really don't mind one bit - it just means we are progressing this sport - and getting the equipment out to the riders that they are asking for.  Testing is being done as we speak on the new front wing - should be ready to go in a month or so - definitely before the season begins for most of us.  And of course the rear wing will be done at some point this season.  I'm trying different techniques to increase lift and gain pop.  It's been too cold around the country to do any real testing, but spring is near.

      It's going to be one of those years that I will remember for a long, long time.  If for nothing else than to know I've created the best riding foil setup out there)... at least for me (except for the Capt Seat - I'll give Capt Mike all the credit for that.  And that's really all I've ever wanted to accomplish - hopefully you'll agree with me when you get to hop on and take this thing for a test ride.  I'm sure one of these will be showing itself at a flyin/gathering near you once the ice is history.

      To all those XTREME fans out there - thanks for your support.  And for those who want to be an XTREME Team member and need a sticker, let me know (even if you're not riding XTREME equip).  I'll get some made up and shipped out.

      Let the REAL Big Air begin.

      Xcalibur - born on date:  01/31/2007

      Big Bry and the XTREME Team

      If you don't receive the pic, you can see it here:


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      DOES IT SNOW IN FL? After watching the Super Bore I am convinced that Globabl Warming is going to make us all Freeze to death.............. Dave Ewing Those
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        DOES IT SNOW IN FL?  After watching the Super Bore I am convinced that Globabl Warming is going to make us all Freeze to death..............

        Dave Ewing
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