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  • That was my confusion too. I had the original Galaxy Mix, it was one CD with two 30min sets. I think people are referring to a more recent Galaxy Mix? > I thought these were completely different? At least my versions are... > and > does the Galaxy Mix really have two cd's worth? I only have one (55 min)! > Am > I missing out? > > Kc
    Andrew J. Cowell Aug 1, 2001
  • He's done some cracking DMC-only release remixes, all of which escape me at the moment. I remember it was on DMC150 the same one as the Brothers In Rhythm mix of The Way It Is which led to their release of it (with rerecorded vocals). > Apart from the 5-year old Wavespeech remixes (the tune was excellent > to start with) has he done anything else worth mentioning? Surely not > the...
    Andrew J. Cowell Jul 30, 2001
  • That wasn't the Galaxy mix I had, and it was an original CDR (whatever that means!) with a typewritten cover. It was on one CD, two sets each about 30 mins. Of course this is probably just another Galaxy Network mix? Have they done 2? > > Assuming that this is actually the Galaxy Network Mix it's damn > funky! > > > > It just doesn't sound like the usual Hybrid sound - lot's more...
    Andrew J. Cowell Jul 30, 2001
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  • The Jan Johston track on the Swordfish soundtrack is rather tasty IMHO. >Has anyone got the Swordfish remix of Planet Rock? One phat track... >got that last week as well on import... Paul Oakenfold serving up >some fine breaks :0O
    Andrew J. Cowell Jul 11, 2001
  • White label promos! More like white label bootlegs! Don't they have a pressing plant out the back of the store?! > Guess what I have found? Well it may not be such a big deal for the > people > in the UK but on Hard to Find Records website they have white label promos > of So Pure by Alanis Morrisette (hybrid mix), can't wait to get mine, > they > also have white labels of P.N.G...
    Andrew J. Cowell May 25, 2001
  • MISL has a few okay tracks but it pales in comparison to IMA. Even ESCM was better than MISL. Well, difference of opinion is what makes the world the fun place it is! Andrew. > That'll be a difference of opinion then... I thought "Ima" was almost > unlistenable and "Movement In Still Life" was his best album to date- both > UK and US versions for different reasons.
    Andrew J. Cowell May 25, 2001
  • Alright, it's official. My mates are ace. Come to open a package from a friend from my home town of Manchester, the usual contents (badly written note explaining the last month in three lines, photos from my mum of my nephew, copy of City, the Manchester City supporters magazine (which the bastard scribbled comments all over as he's a Red)) and there at the bottom, with a Vinyl...
    Andrew J. Cowell May 25, 2001
  • Let's see what he does with it first. He might drop all the vocals and pull in some kinda nasty deep dub. Saying that, I think all his recent stuff if crap anyway. Maybe I'm just stuck in his epic phase. Andrew. > > Brian posted a message about this on a few of the boards I frequent. > >Nsync approached him. > > > >--Flashpoint (Matthew Craig)
    Andrew J. Cowell May 24, 2001
  • Isn't that Danny Hibrid?? Seem to remember that was way before Hybrid's time. I have it on vinyl somewhere, Piano Mix used to be a killer back in the day. "Closer to all your dreams, yeah ee yeah!" Andrew. >I notice that the site has RHYTHM QUEST 'CLOSER TO ALL YOUR DREAMS' >(HYBRID HARDCORE REMIX) - new one on me - It looks like our hybird. >Can anyone confirm before I order ?
    Andrew J. Cowell May 10, 2001
  • I believe so, and it has a Steve Lawler mix. Msg me off list for a sample. > Can anyone confirm the possible truth in the rumour that BT's "Never > Gonna Come Back Down" is getting a UK release on 23rd April (_well_ > after its US release). It seems odd to me considering that BT has > already 'moved on' to "Smartbomb" mixes etc., but it's possible I guess, > and it might mean a new...
    Andrew J. Cowell Apr 3, 2001