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Re: Gouryella

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  • Vince H.
    hmm....although, I m a strictly vinyl person (heck, I love melding records 2gether, what can I say? ;), I m tempted to say PLEASE! ;) No, I m going record
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 22, 1999
      hmm....although, I'm a strictly vinyl person (heck, I love melding records
      2gether, what can I say? ;), I'm tempted to say PLEASE! ;)

      No, I'm going record shopping this week, so don't bother w/ it yet. I'll
      keep u posted, though.

      On the import, I believe there is an Echoplex Mix...I believe you already
      commented on that one, however.

      Vince H.

      > From: Stuart Bruce <music@...>
      > Just a note for those who might have forgotten that Gouryella's
      > "Walhalla" is out today on commercial CD & vinyl. The CD contains
      > Hybrid's Matrix Dub; the vinyl doesn't.
      > Has anyone been able to find any other Hybrid mixes of this track?
      > I can pick people up copies if they want them. 2.99UKP this week, just
      > let me know.
      > Stuart.
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      > Stuart Bruce
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      > Distinctive Records Site: http://www.distinctiverecords.com -- you can
      order Hybrid's music, watch videos, listen to samples and much more!
      > Unofficial site: http://users.desupernet.com/halycon/Hybrid/hybrid.html --
      This site is packed with info!
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