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  • Stuart Bruce
    Just thought I d add my two cents, as the cliche goes. Normal record companies still have to turn a profit, because they re businesses. Unlike the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2000
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      Just thought I'd add my two cents, as the cliche goes.

      'Normal' record companies still have to turn a profit, because they're
      businesses. Unlike the theoretically infinite Napster, record companies
      can't necessarily afford to put out every single track and remix they've
      got onto CD and 12", because by the time you've paid for pressing,
      artwork, distribution, advertising (optional) and the artist's cut
      themselves, you could be talking about quite a big loss if nobody
      actually buys it. And as was said, Hybrid are still relatively unknown
      even in the UK- putting out a 5CD remix set, much as it would be lovely
      for the dozens of devoted Hybrid fans committed enough to buy it, could
      well just not be cost effective.

      Then, on top of that, there's the fact that if it's a compilation of
      remixes of other artists, then most of the time the other artists in
      question will get a significant cut of the profits, making Hybrid /
      Distinctive's profit margins even smaller.

      That's why record companies have the right to complain. If sales margins
      are pretty tight anyway (unlike guaranteed-profit-turners like Madonna
      albums), then the fact that this material has already been slipped to
      the fans and half-fans might further damage critical sales. But then, a
      lot of the time those fans don't really make the distinction between
      what is released, what could be released, what'll never be released, and
      so on. Bit of a catch 22, really.

      Anyway, in short I'd much rather Hybrid plugged their efforts into
      pushing new material of their own rather than trying to (and potentially
      failing to) cash in on the remix work they've done.


      Stuart Bruce
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