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Distinct'ive Despatch (fwd)

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  • Stuart Bruce
    Do people want me to forward mailouts like this to the list, in case there s anybody on the list who s missed them? I m not promising that I get them all, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2000
      Do people want me to forward mailouts like this to the list, in case
      there's anybody on the list who's missed them? I'm not promising that I
      get them all, but the last one I got seemed to be news to some people,
      so here's the new one. If it's not necessary, let me know.


      Stuart Bruce
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      Date: 27 Oct 2000 15:12:52 -0000
      From: Distinct'ive Despatch <distinctiverecords-owner@...>
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      Subject: Distinct'ive Despatch

      Distinct'ive Despatch - http://www.distinctiverecords.com

      Hello and welcome to the Distinctive Despatch.

      Out on Monday (October 30th) we have an excellent double mix CD from top
      House/Techno DJs Slam. The critically acclaimed Past Lessons / Future
      Theories takes the listener on a 32 track journey from the ocean deep
      house of E-Dancer and Bushwacka!s tech house remix of Sueno Latino
      through to the firin techno of Aztec Mystic and Slams very own modern day
      classic Positive Education. There is also a triple DJ friendly vinyl
      available to complement the album and it is available from all good record
      shops this Monday.

      October 30th also sees the re-release of the Balearic classic Sueno
      Latino. Thanks to some awesome new re-workings from Kayestone and
      Bushwacka! this track has been caned all summer from UK nights such as Sub
      terrain at the End and Tyrant at Fabric, to the terrace at Space in Ibiza.
      This is the perfect opportunity to discover a true Ibiza anthem as well as
      bringing back some fond memories for those who remember it the first time.
      As with Slam, Sueno Latino Sueno Latino will be available from all good
      records shops this Monday on a CD single and two 12s.

      For further information on these or any other Distinctive releases please
      visit -


      Thats all for now but stay tuned for more information.

      The Distinctive Crew.

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