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Re: [Hybrid] Updated sets online

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  • propellerheadcase
    Introducing 64k of hi-fidelity noise? Nice one ;-P ... mp3 s ... recorded ... think ... for all the sets :-) ]]]
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30 1:48 AM
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      Introducing 64k of hi-fidelity noise? Nice one ;-P

      --- In HybridUK@y..., "Andy Grundman" <tiny@k...> wrote:
      > Nick,
      > The file you posted for the Buzz set is only 128kbit. The set of 2
      > posted a bit earlier today are 192kbit. Granted, it appears to be
      > off XM radio which is lower quality than 128k mp3's, but still, I
      > people like the comfort of higher bitrates (I know I do). ;)
      > -Andy
      > [[[ Ally says: Thanks by the way to Nick for providing a space
      for all the sets :-) ]]]
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