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Re: "invisible" producers

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  • vinnie970
    Well, many times, the people listed in the credits might be the ones behind the track in it s original form. BT s Dreaming existed previously in another form
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2002
      Well, many times, the people listed in the credits might be the ones
      behind the track in it's original form. BT's "Dreaming" existed
      previously in another form before Kirsty & BT spiced it up for 1999.
      Of course, BT's greatest tracks have many times been collaborations
      (not to take away from his original work!). WOW's "The Gift" uses a
      distinct vocal snippet from Nicole Jackon's "The First Time I Ever
      Saw Your Face" (used w/ permission). According to the
      credits, "Blue" appears to be written by David Dundas & Rick
      Wentworth, but the production is clearly credited to W.O.W. I'm not
      sure what credits you have, but on the debut album and '97
      single, "Ajare" is credited to T. Siddique/J. Wisternoff/N. Warren.
      I can't comment on how much impact the former individual had because
      I simply don't know, but I suspect it's not much different than the
      following cases: Putnam & Cruise's role in "If I Survive," "Dreaming
      Your Dreams," and Putnam's role in "Finished Symphony," just to give
      a similar example.

      In each example, I'm sure everyone had a unique influence, and that
      the impact of said influence varied widely.


      --- In HybridUK@y..., "Antti Mutta" <antti.mutta@s...> wrote:
      > Just out of curiosity, has anyone made a list of the people behind
      DJs-come-producers? I just checked the WOW album sleeve notes and
      apparently Blue is not written by Warren/Wisternoff, though it's
      marked as produced by them. Also Ajare lists a slew of other people
      behind the tune. Timo Maas' case is known, he mostly helps the real
      producer(s) by standing near in the studio. Same goes for some other
      widely known DJs and their "own" tunes. It would be just interesting
      to know who of our beloved DJs actually do all of their work, at
      least until mastering and mixing. BT should be one, though he's known
      to get help from Andy Page among others. Page has helped Cass/Slide
      as well, and Hybrid has one producer hiding in the shadows as well,
      > And.. I am not trying to start a flaming war between any fans..
      > -antti
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