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What's your top 5 releases from 2001?

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  • roll-r
    Difficult question I must admit, since it s really haard 2 choose since we ve heard quite a lot of killer tunes last year, but still I m interested in your top
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      Difficult question I must admit, since it's really haard 2 choose since we've heard quite a lot of killer tunes last year, but still I'm interested in your top tunes......

      You can ofcourse add any single, LP, compilation, 12" etc.

      Here's mine **in no particular order ofcourse**:

      1, Bedrock breaks - compiled by DJ Hyper
      2, Koma & Bones - Blinded by science
      3, John Creamer and Steph K - I love you (Hybrid remix)
      4, Bassment Jaxx - Where's your head at (Stanton Warrior's mix)
      5, Beber & tamra - Travellin on (Koma & Bones remix)

      and yes more and more, but I only wanted to mention 5......

      I!m waiting for your top 5........

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