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[Hybrid] Re: Hybrid live @ ID&T Radio

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  • cpkeliher@hotmail.com
    ... If interested the third song is Mashup s - Do it Do it.
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 3, 2001
      > Those tracks were added to the IDT show to fill an 80 minute CD.
      > The first is Kriminal - Loud 'n Proud (Hybrid Dub mix), 2nd - Lennie De
      > Ice We are I.E. (Hybrid Dub Mix) and last was Papua New Guinea
      > (Hybrid 2001 Mix), but I'm not sure who does third song Do it to me
      > (not Hybrid).
      > > How long is the set you have. Mine's almost 80 minutes and the
      > tracklisting
      > > stops right where it seems that someone may have added three
      > additional songs
      > > onto it. They sound like Hybrid quality and the second to last
      > one has a guy
      > > singing "Do it, to it?" Do you know what these are?

      If interested the third song is Mashup's - Do it Do it.
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