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  • jason.parker1@jcu.edu.au
    ... Even Though I live in Australia...I live WAY too far from Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne...so i missed out on seeing Hybrid, WOW, and Nubreed...however on
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 3, 2001
      > Subject: RE: Gatecrasher In Sydney
      > > And according to another
      > > person who went to Gatecrasher they said that Jody also at least
      > played
      > > Ajare at some point and he finished the set with Domination. Just
      > so
      > > you know, it wasn't just Intensify stuff. :0)

      Even Though I live in Australia...I live WAY too far from Brisbane, Sydney, or
      Melbourne...so i missed out on seeing Hybrid, WOW, and Nubreed...however on
      saturday in Oz the national youth radio station, JJJ played 8 hours of
      gatecrasher....unfortunately no hybrid (probably cuz they played in the
      afternoon and the radio didn't start broadcasting till 10pm) However Both WOW
      and Nubreed's sets where on...WOW played new stuff and old stuff, Domination
      was a different mix to the one i have, very progressive 4/4 as oppose to my
      breakbeat mix...and most the songs where at least slightly different from
      album...which is to be expected and a welcome change...
      Nubreeds Set was even better tho, in my opinion, as it was much breakier which
      i love....they played heaps their new songs and even a cool break mix of
      bjork's 'hyperballad'...i dont know if it was there own mix or not...
      Anyhow for any of u guys who want to hear the triple J broadcast check out
      you should be able to listen to in on realplayer until next saturday night
      (australian time) when the set will be replaced by the new saturday Mix-up....
      heres the line-up if ur interested...

      -10pm Recently honoured DJ Stephen Allkins aka Love Tattoo kicks things off.
      -10.30pm Check out Julius Knight. Best known for his work with Cleptomaniacs,
      his musical style is described as "raw, energetic, funky and soulful house with
      an emphasis on Paradise Garage" Resident of Miami USA.
      -11.30pm Way Out West. Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren are Bristol-based
      legends who love playing dark, enigmatic, progressive house.
      -12.30am Tall Paul. Yes he really is tall at 6ft 6inches and is also regularly
      listed as one of the 10 best DJs in the world. Has remixed New Order, Stone
      Roses, Human League and Blondie to name a few. Plays big, floor-filling party
      -1.30am Little Louie Vega. One half of Masters at Work (Kenny "Dope" didn't
      make the plane). Louie and Kenny are highly sort after DJs and producers.
      Anyone who loves groove will have played Nuyorican Soul which is their project.
      Featuring house beats with some latin, hip-hop, jazz, funk, disco and soul
      influences that best describes their DJing as well!
      -3am Scott Bond. Is one of the founders when in 1994 he teamed up with Simon
      Raine in the UK to promote a series of one-off parties called "Gatecrasher".
      From this the club was born and 7 years later it's bigger than ever. Scott also
      remixes under the name Q:Dos and loves to play pure trance.
      -4am Meat Katie. DJ, Producer and record label owner, Mark Pember is a busy
      guy. Earlier in the year he released an acclaimed underground album
      called "Long to Belong". He plays tribal beats, tough electronic noises and
      heavy bass.
      **To finish this huge night we'll go out with local favourites Nu Breed. No
      stranger to the Triple J airwaves Melbourne based Nu-breed can move a dance-
      floor or produce great radio friendly tunes.

      personally i think they should have played hybrid instead of so much
      house...but ah well...

      finally to the guy who wanted to know about my groups that are similar to
      hybrid..apart from the already mentioned BT, and Way out West...Nubreed are
      very similar to hybrid, without as much strings and orchestral sounds(Welcome,
      Mutst, Midi Killa, Hardarse, Ionosphere), HiFi bugs (lydian and the dinosaur),
      and ASAP (heavy water, firebird), also have a similar progressive breaks
      sound...Some of DJ Rap's Stuff is close, especially 'good to be
      alive'...Orbital's 'Middle of Nowhere' has similar big breaks...and if its
      Hybrid's emotion and passion u love, Lamb might have some songs u like (Gorecki
      a, Cottonwool)

    • Mark Harris
      Thanks Nick, that d be cool if you could mate, but would like the quickest response to this, if it makes no difference then go ahead, ta The thing i wanted to
      Message 2 of 8 , Apr 22, 2004
        Thanks Nick, that'd be cool if you could mate, but would like the quickest
        response to this, if it makes no difference then go ahead, ta

        The thing i wanted to ask you good people was this,
        I saw Hybrid for the first time bout a month or so ago live at the concorde
        in Brighton, i didn't know who they were but they were f*cking (can i swear
        here?) good and we were throwing some pretty natty shapes. They are the best
        thing i've seen live for a while (and i've seen some good people) they come
        a close second to The Music in my 'favourite live acts' chart.
        I nearly went up to see them at the emporium soon after but a friend lamed
        out. Anyway, it says on the website they are at fabric in london at the end
        of the month but it is DJ not live, i just wanted to know how good a dj set
        is in comparison to live, bearing in mind it's quite a way to go.
        what do you think you crazy bunch of Hybrid-lovers?

        oh, and less of the "newbie" Schlueter

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        > Hello, i'm confused, i joined this because i wanted to ask a few things,
        but i assumed it would be a discussion, instead i am getting everything
        everyone posts straight into my e-mail, is that how it works with this?
        would someone pls explain? i don't mind, it's just i stupidly entered my
        work email and so i could be scuppered by the boss at any minute.
        > [[Nick Says: Mark, there's different options to receive your
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        everyone's posts as they come through, or you can just have a 'daily digest'
        which I'm thinking is probably what you'd want. It'll save the strain on
        your inbox, and on the relationship between yourself and your boss ;) I can
        easily change your settings so you receive the daily digest if you wish?]]
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      • Alan Duval
        Bwahahahahahah - love it! ... oh, and less of the newbie Schlueter
        Message 3 of 8 , Apr 23, 2004
          Bwahahahahahah - love it!

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          oh, and less of the "newbie" Schlueter
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