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I'm back

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  • ally@xxxxx.xx.xx
    hehe... I didn t mean to sound obsessive -- just trying to build up the susbribers with people that like Hybrid s music. I m sure there are lots of people out
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 1999
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      I didn't mean to sound obsessive -- just trying to build up the susbribers with people that like Hybrid's music.
      I'm sure there are lots of people out there who are really into their music, but don't know of this list.

      Well, I'm back from Amsterdam - what a weird place!

      I've just got hold of the 12" Hybrid special of Lennie De Ice (We are IE) - 3 tracks all mixed by Hybrid - wayhay!!
      Plus....I was idlly looking at some of my vinyl covers the other day...including Golden Girls (Kinetic).
      I could have sworn I'd checked this single to see if I had the Hybrid remix...I was sure I didn't have it.
      Byt, sure enough, it was there! Major smiles for me!! Can't believe I had it and didn't know it!!


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      From : Stuart Bruce <music@...>
      To : �Hybrid(UK) mailing list� <HybridUK@onelist.com>
      Date : 12 October 1999 15:24:10
      Subject : Re: [HybridUK] Re: HYBRID/RUFF Driverz albums (fwd)

      From: Stuart Bruce <music@...>
      >On Tue 12 Oct, ally@... wrote:
      >> Where's that comment from then, eh? eh?
      >> I'm on the hunt for more Hybrid fans...
      >That's quite a scary thing to say, in some ways.
      >That message was posted to alt.music.dance (which I read), although I
      >think it might have been a cross-post from another newsgroup, maybe
      >alt.music.techno or similar.
      >Another bloke has commented that he found �Wide Angle� in London for
      >9UKP, but I didn't keep that e-mail. Same subject line as below, in
      >alt.music.dance, so if you were obsessed with hunting down Hybrid
      >listeners that I'm sure DejaNews could find it for you...
      >> >---------- Forwarded message ----------
      >> >Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 12:38:30 -0400
      >> >From: Jackson Stephens <pook187@...>
      >> >Subject: Re: HYBRID/RUFF Driverz albums
      >> >
      >> > It's a stunning album. The orchestral arrangements are gorgeous and
      >> > the drum programming is the amongst the best I've ever heard, second
      >> > only (maybe) to The Crystal Method or Uberzone. Peace!
      >> >
      >> > Oh, but why $28? Ouch. Still worth it tho.
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