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Re: Re: Hybrid's Remix of Jazzy Jeff/Utah Saints

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  • Stuart Bruce
    ... [snip] ... It s got some quite good tracks on it, I wouldn t go so far as to suggest that it s consistently amazing, because it s not. The Utah Saints
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 13, 1999
      On Tue 12 Oct, Vince H. wrote:
      > From: "Vince H." <vinnie97@...>
      > > > Yes, they did a remix for the Electro Lounge compilation. Another
      > > > revival, of sorts. This time, we get to relive the sensation of
      > > > an even earlier era (30's/40's): Swing Music. Here is a playlist
      > > > from CDnow.
      > > [snip tracklist again]
      > > > I haven't heard most of these colloborations, but I'm interested.
      > > > As a whole, I'm sure this compilation is more enjoyable than the
      > > > previous one. ;)
      > >
      > > Yep, I knew about this collaboration; in fact I've got the album
      > > (got it imported from the U.S. about 6 months ago, although
      > > apparently it's about to get a domestic release in the U.K.), and
      > > it's a pretty strong album a lot of the time. The Utah Saints mix of
      > > "Watermelon Man" is great, although it's by far the most upbeat
      > Glad 2 hear it....I suppose it comes recommended by you then, eh?
      > I'll look out for it.

      It's got some quite good tracks on it, I wouldn't go so far as to
      suggest that it's consistently amazing, because it's not. The Utah
      Saints remix of "Watermelon Man" is probably the best track, even
      according to unbiased sources; other good tracks include the Wagon
      Christ and Gus Gus remixes.

      > If this is not that remix the Utah Saints frontman spoke 2 u about, I
      > wonder what he might be speaking of.

      Hopefully I'll get a chance to find out next time I go to the Elbow

      > > > Speaking of Utah Saints, when will they be releasing something new
      > > > of their own, by the way?! I saw a tune by them ("Love Song")
      > > > listed in a DJ's top 10 list last month, and haven't heard
      > > > anything about is since. They've been fairly quiet for a while
      > > > now.
      > >
      > > Ah, that'd be a discussion for the Utah Saints list <grin>
      > > http://www.onelist.com/community/utahsaints/
      > I should have known you would have already risen to the occasion. ;)

      Actually, to be fair, the Utah Saints list has been going since
      February, well before I joined any other music-related OneList lists at
      all. So there. :-P

      And since I've chatted to the band a few times, and the list also
      contains a couple of other people with connections to the band, the list
      is a little bit more established (or maybe 'in-bred') than some

      There's also a Utah Saints connection with the Dope Smugglaz, Leeds
      based source of recent hit "Double Double Dutch". So there's a mailing
      list for them as well... hey, if it's free, don't knock it! But the Dope
      Smugglaz list is pretty much dead.

      > > Meanwhile they're back to remixing other people's tracks; apparently
      > > they've just finished a remix of heavy metal band Psycore... hmmm.
      > >
      > > Stuart.
      > Thanx 4 all the news.....can't wait for the new material and that new
      > remix from them sounds VERY interesting.

      Have you joined the Utah Saints list? If not you should, if only because
      people on the Hybrid list are going to get tired of the off-topic


      Stuart Bruce
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