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Re: Sarah McLachlan "Remixed"

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  • Alan Duval
    ... Sarah McLachlan s Remixed CD is actually coming out in Europe too. It s due out on November 5. OK, I m listening to the Hybrid remix of Fear right
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2001
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      --- In HybridUK@y..., Gavin <gstok@y...> wrote:
      "Sarah McLachlan's "Remixed" CD is actually coming out in Europe too.
      It's due out on November 5."

      OK, I'm listening to the Hybrid remix of 'Fear' right now and there's
      one thing that I can't get past - it may be the encoding of this MP3
      (and yes, I WILL be buying Sarah's remixed album) but the warbling
      effect created by the speeding up of Sarah's vocals is quite off-
      putting. It's reminiscent of those bad happy-hardcore tracks where
      they over-speed old Foreigner vocals. The music, as always, is
      tighter than two coats of paint but that vocal, coupled with the fact
      that it is pitched up, is a bit annoying. I can tell I'll be
      pitching that down when (if?) I play it out.

      Please tell me it's the encoding!

      Has anyone got the 'JJJ Mix-Up' on MP3 - the downloads I can find are
      12MB and therefore well short of full:-o
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