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Re: [HybridUK] RE: new Y3K album!

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  • Vince H.
    haha, thanx 4 the response, Aras, but be careful as there are a few PVD fans on this forum. Do you have any more Y3K, Part 2 samples to encode/upload, by any
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2000
      haha, thanx 4 the response, Aras, but be careful as there are a few PVD fans on this forum.  Do you have any more Y3K, Part 2 samples to encode/upload, by any chance? :)  Particularly, the new WOW tune and the Hybrid Rmx of the classic "Bombscare" track?  I'm probably asking for too much, but it doesn't hurt to give it a shot!
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      From: aras
      Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 5:46 AM
      Subject: [HybridUK] RE: new Y3K album!

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      Vince H. wrote:
      >There's a new Y3K Promo out next week w/ a Way out
      >West track called "Enlightenment," as well as another
      >track:  Wayward Soul feat. Divine Styler - PMT (Dub).
      >Is that the official tracklisting from Distinctive?

      Great question Vince. The Way Out West track kicks off the CD, I guess I
      just forgot to type it in (oops!) As far as the Wayward Soul track, I do
      remember hearing about that, so I asked DJ Hyper and he explained that it
      will be on the vinyl but not the CD as apparently it didn't fit well in the
      mix. The same goes for Orbital - "Nothing Left" (Tsunami One remix), it
      will be released on one of the vinyl samplers (the one with the Bushwacka!
      cut "Net Bugz"). but it won't be on the CD. The Bushwacka! track meanwhile
      will be on the CD but not on any of the vinyl samplers. Confusing innit?!
      As far as the rumour going around that a Paul van Dyk track would be
      included on the new Y3K album, as I suspected that was just a joke. Much like
      Mr. Van Dyk's music.

      Here is the URL again for the remix of Hybrid - "Snyper" (High Velocity
      Edit) which will be out on both the mixed CD and one of the EPs.


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