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  • Vince H.
    2 Bad Mice, God Within (aka Hardkiss)?! When can the unconnected public see these beauties?! Any more info!? ... From: aras To: hybriduk@egroups.com Sent:
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      2 Bad Mice, God Within (aka Hardkiss)?!  When can the unconnected public see these beauties?!  Any more info!?
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      From: aras
      Sent: Monday, June 05, 2000 9:54 AM
      Subject: [HybridUK] Mo charts

      Here's another DJ chart - check out number 9!!!


      Lee Burridge (Tyrant UK)
      June 1, 2000
      1. Future Sound Of London - 'Papua Nu Guinea (Hybrid remix)' acetate
      You can't beat the original, but if it were a football match F.S.O.L.
      would only just have won on penalties. Phat rating: 5

      2. Adelle Holmes - 'So Strong (Sunscape remix)' Fire Recordings
      The one people sing along to, even though they don't know the words. Phat
      Rating: 4

      3. F.C. Kahuna - 'Big Kahuna Kicks Two' - Kahuna Cuts
      Bass heavy house from two Kahunas on a mission to take over speakers
      everywhere. Phat rating: 5

      4. Morel - 'The Faggot Is You' - Hooj Choons
      Saucy, funky remixes from 16B and F.C. Kahuna. Phat rating: 4

      5. Blim - 'Earthman' - Botchit & Scarper
      A dirty, dizzy, delectable breaks track. Phat rating: 4

      6. Hardkiss - 'Raincry' - Dorigen
      The original is beautiful with basslines to die for and new mixes bring
      us into this century with style. Breakbeat heaven returns. Phat rating: 4

      7. Sunscape feat. Libby Vernon - 'In Time' - acetate
      The world beware, Ben Shaw is one his way. Phat rating: 4

      8. Sneaky Alien - 'Sick' - Sneaky Alien
      Sexy breakbeat with a funky Talking Heads style bassline. Phat rating: 4

      9. 2 Bad Mice - 'Bombscare (Hybrid remix)' - Distinctive Breaks
      Breakbeat tribal house, retro futuristic nonsense from top of the pops
      'o' ring masters. Phat rating: 5

      10. Excession - 'Vega' - Fire Recordings
      Beautiful breakbeat trip that drops into 4/4 before tripping backout into
      breakbeat. Gorgeous. Phat rating: 4

      11. Jose Amnesia - 'My Memory Is Back' - B Sorted
      Got a bit of an Xpander feel it it, which face it, isn't a bad thing!
      Phat rating: 3

      12. Heads Of State - 'Debauchery' - Advance
      Advance and weekend world on one piece of vinyl. Bargain!. Phat rating: 4

      13. Gwill Morris - 'Fuktitles (Future Sound Collective mix)' - Slide
      New remix in a tech house style. Phat rating: 4

      14. Slide Boys - 'Narcotic/Innerspace' - acetate
      Out there, layered, groovy trancer that gets me moist. Phat rating: 5

      15. Chimera - 'Poison' - Silver Planet
      Chuggin' house with great fucked up soundscape for mashing heads up on a
      weekend. Phat rating: 4

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