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Hybrid chart 'n' festival dates

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  • aras
    Hello all! Here s Hybrid s current DJ chart! 1. Trancesetters - Roaches (Hooj) Wicked, top notch deep house - can t stop playing it. 2. Hybrid vs. Future
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2000
      Hello all! Here's Hybrid's current DJ chart!

      1. Trancesetters - 'Roaches' (Hooj)
      Wicked, top notch deep house - can't stop playing it.

      2. Hybrid vs. Future Sound Of London - 'Papua New guinea' (acetate)
      Our favourite tune of all time. Period!

      3. Hybrid - 'Theme From Wide Angle' (Distinctive Breaks)
      A bit of aggressive remixing by Hybrid!

      4. PFN - 'Headphones On' (
      The Light under their other guise. Absolutely wicked, wicked breakbeat.

      5. Hybrid feat. Chrissie Hynde - 'Kid 2000" (Distinctive Breaks)
      Our Echoplex remix on the vinyl is the one, chunky, big building Hybrid

      6. Ashtraxs - 'Helsinki' (Deviant)
      My Casselle back again with a positively spiffing tune.

      7. Uberzone & Rennie Pilgrem - 'Black Widow' (City Of Angels)
      Tribal breakbeat! It's the way forward. This will never leave my box,
      not for some time anyway.

      8. Muse - 'Sunburn (Timo Mass remix) (?)
      Going to be an all time classic. Both mixes are utterly awesome.

      9. FGTH - 'Welcome Nalin and Kayne remix ' (white)
      Their last remix of Jam & spoon was utterly fantastic1

      10. Pocket - 'Overdue EP' (Thunk)
      Prog breakbeat from Australia. Great for those breakbeat/4/4 sets.

      11. BT - 'Dreaming' (Pioneer)
      Absolutely having it. chunky breaks and bassline from good old Bri.

      12. Meat Katie - "Strange Fruit' (Kingsize)
      Funky Junky XL style, solid house. Nice!

      13. Kosheen - 'Empty Skies' (Moska?)
      D&B from Decoded & Substance that just gets better and more serious the
      you slow it down.

      14. Max Graham - 'Backdraft' (Hope)
      Not just another prog number from one of the most reliable labels around.

      15. Red Venom - 'Follow Me' (?)
      Go straight for the Big boss Sac 51 mix - piano tinged breaks for those
      summer evenings.

      Visit my site Breaksworld.com for details of gigs by the Hybrid Sound
      System at this summer's festivals in the UK. The lads are also playing in New
      York City on June 10th, visit www.6thelement.com for more info.


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