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(Fwd) Bleachin' - what you need to know...

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  • Arfie Mansfield
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2000
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      Subject: Bleachin' - what you need to know...
      Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 14:49:07 +0100

      Emerging from the sensory overload of one decade and two lifetimes, Amos
      and Jeremy Healy's 'Bleachin' is truly a large cultural movement. The
      end result of a year and a half's work by the legendary London pair,
      it's a record which evokes the dark truths and the blissful highs of the
      way things are and the state we're in.

      The band's next single, 'Peakin', is released on July 10th, followed on
      July 24th by the mindblowing Bleachin' album...

      Below are links to a Windows MediaPlayer clip, featuring Healy talking
      about the ethos behind the project: check it out, and you'll come away
      with a pretty firm idea of what Bleachin' are about...

      If your version of Windows MediaPlayer needs updating, this is very
      easily done from:

      (this page lists players for all different machines - Macs, PCs, Palm
      Pilots etc.)

      To run the clip, either:

      (a) if it appears as a hyperlink, click on the link below which best
      fits you internet connection speed (Low = 56kps modem, Medium = ISDN/
      Cable, High = T1+),
      (b) paste it into the address bar on your browser
      (c) paste it into the 'Open' option in Windows MediaPlayer.




      Enjoy, get your hands on the album as soon as you possibly can because
      it's awesome, and check out www.bleachin.co.uk in the next couple of
      weeks because we'll be sticking some proper cool stuff up there...
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