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Re: Back to Hybrid (was Re: Mostly Way Out West)

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  • Vince H.
    ... We can only hope so! I say there s a 50/50 chance... ... I can only hope they land somewhere near my hometown (Dallas, TX) when they embark on their
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 6 1:46 AM
      > From: Stuart Bruce <music@...>
      > On Thu 30 Sep, Vince H. wrote:
      > Just wondering (not that anyone will presumably know for certain), at
      > the forthcoming Musik tour, do you reckon Hybrid (or any of the others)
      > will be selling merchandise or CDs in a corner somewhere? I know it's
      > not normal in a club situation but I'm just wondering.

      We can only hope so! I say there's a 50/50 chance...

      > Who here is going to which gigs, anyway?

      I can only hope they land somewhere near my hometown (Dallas, TX) when they
      embark on their American tour in November (or so I've heard).

      > And _is_ there much/any Hybrid merchandise to speak of? I'd love a
      > T-shirt/sweatshirt if the design is similar to the album cover.

      Distinctive on the web might. Have u checked yet?

      > > Also, Distinctive will be releasing a compilation called Y3K in the
      > > near future that will feature unreleased tracks from artists like
      > > Rennie Pilgrem, BT, Hybrid, & Way out West. I've got the promotional
      > > sticker for it, and a friend of mine has the actual promo on vinyl,
      > > and said the Hybrid and WOW material is particularly excellent
      > > (nu-skool/trance breaks material evidently). It will be released on
      > > vinyl (unmixed), I presume and also on cd mixed by a DJ whose name
      > > currently escapes me.
      > Hmmm... a shame that unmixed CDs don't seem all that common for this
      > kind of thing (I do a bit of mixing myself but using CDs, and the choice
      > of unmixed vinyl or already-mixed CDs is a bit frustrating). Please let
      > us know when it's actually released though, I expect I'll buy that...

      Sad but true, as cd is a more stable format, and is less susecptible to wear
      and tear. The DJ goes by the moniker DJ Hyper, from what I understand.
      That's all I've heard, and I believe that it will be a good buying decision,
      Stuart. :) Ally said it would be out in November, so let's keep our eyes


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