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Re: [Hybrid List] Re: Massive Attack 'Psyche'

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  • dcraig@nmt.edu
    I am curious what Hybrid s new album will sound like though, to be honest, I m not holding my breath. You re right, they only have three breaks tracks on the
    Message 1 of 34 , Oct 21, 2009
      I am curious what Hybrid's new album will sound like though, to be honest,
      I'm not holding my breath.

      You're right, they only have three breaks tracks on the new album.
      Bodymotion, and two downtempo tracks at the end. Except for one of the
      down tempo tracks near the end of the album that has a very old school
      electro-style break to it the rest of the album stays in the cosmic disco
      sound really. No electro (house) that I can tell.

      > Well they dont have to be strictly breaks/orchestral (lets face it hybrid
      > do more 4/4 beats these days then breaks) but I meant WOW tracks like
      > 'blue', 'stealth', 'mindcircus', 'just like a man' etc. As i said i only
      > heard a bit of the new album and it sounded more electro (or something)
      > then melodic hopeful i just heard the wrong bits.
      > --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, dcraig@... wrote:
      >> WOW have never been breaks/orchestral so I'm not sure what you were
      >> expecting there. I happen to find the new album to be totally awesome.
      >> - Dan
      >> > Anyone heard good music laterly that is similar style
      >> > (breaks/electronica/orchestral) to hybrid? I heard a bit of the new
      >> way
      >> > out west album the other day and what i heard didnt impress me much.
      >> > hopefully ill change my mind when i get to hear it all...
      >> >
      >> > --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "Trent" <reallyknowyourenemy@> wrote:
      >> >>
      >> >> heya list-
      >> >>
      >> >> thought I would have a little post in between waiting for the new H
      >> >> album (hurry up already!)
      >> >>
      >> >> Just heard Massive Attacks new EP 'Splitting the atom' and its
      >> amazing,
      >> >> the track 'Psyche' however is one of the most haunting and
      >> emotionally
      >> >> charged pieces of downtempo electronica I have heard in a very long
      >> >> time.
      >> >>
      >> >> Your thoughts?
      >> >>
      >> >> keep the list a'buzzin!!
      >> >>
      >> >> Trent =)
      >> >>
      >> >
      >> >
      >> >
    • Nordicwarcry
      Hello all......   Brad here from Boston USA and trying to offload any/all of my Hybrid CD Singles and Breaks CDs, as well as Terminalhead Remix CD Singles....
      Message 34 of 34 , Oct 23, 2009
        Hello all......
        Brad here from Boston USA and trying to offload any/all of my Hybrid CD Singles and Breaks CDs, as well as Terminalhead Remix CD Singles....
        I am open to any/all fair offers if any of you are interested in anything. Please reply directly to me at celticslang@....
        I have included URL image links  at the bottom as well for the various recordings I am selling.
        1) Plump DJs - Plumps Night Out
        2) Plump DJs - Headthrash
        3) Plump DJs - Saturday Night Lotion
        4) ILS - Soul Trader
        5) The Rogue Element - Rogue Rock
        6) Dub Pistols - Speakers & Tweeters
        7) Tipper - Holding Pattern
        8) Tipper - The Critical Parth
        9) Deckwrecka - V is for Vengence
        10) Deckwrecka - A Better Tomorrow
        11) Freestylers - Rough Technique Volume 1
        12) Freestylers - Rought Technique Volume 2

        01 Moby Bodyrock Remixes 3 tracks inc Hybrid Bodyshock Remix
        02 Monk & Canatella CD1 3 mixes (no Hybrid)
        03 Monk & Canatella CD2 3 mixes inc Hybrid Electrotek Club Mix
        04 St. Etienne Boy Is Crying 3 mixes inc Hybrid Mix
        05 Andreas Johnson Glorious 6 mixes inc Hybrid Mix
        06 Jean Michel Jarre C’est La Vie CD1 3 mixes inc Hybrid Echoplex Mix
        07 Jean Michel Jarre C’est La Vie CD2 inc Futureshock & Funkstorung Mixes
        08 Carl Cox Phuture 2000 3 mixes Hybrid Remix Radio Edit & Hybrid Remix Video Edit
        09 Moby Southside 7 Mixes inc Hybrid Dishing Pump Remix & Hybrid Dishing Pump Instrumental
        10 Blue Pearl – Nake in the Rain ’98 6 mixes inc Hybrid Remix
        11 Montano vs The Trumpetman Itza Trumpet Thing 7 mixes inc Hybrid Remix
        12 Chris Coco – Albatross 4 mixes inc Hybrid Remix
        13 Adeva Don’t Think About It – 6 mixes inc Hybrid Mix
        14 Musique vs U2 – New Year’s Dub 5 mixes inc Hybrid Remix
        15 Alison Limerick – Put Your Faith in Me 11 Remixes inc Hybrid Vocal Mix and Hybrid Breakbeat Dub
        16 Hyper Go Go High 6 mixes inc Hybrid Dub
        17 Kevin Aviance Din Da Da 6 Mixes inc Hybrid Mix
        18 Every Little Thing – The Remixes II Avex Trax Asia Sealed/New in Plastic features remixes by Eboman, DeeJay Punk Roc, Tuff Jam, Hybrid, Rod Antoon, Dom & Roland, Satoshi Hidaka, DZ, HAL, Nao Nakamura, Dub Master X

        01 Brittany Spears - Me Against the Music CD2 feat Terminalhead Remix

        02 Kidney Thieves - Zerospace/Placebo feat Terminalhead Remix

        03 Just Jack - Snowflakes feat Terminalhead Remix

        04 The Lightning Seeds - Sweet Soul Sensations feat Terminalhead Remix

        05 Terrorvision - Dyer Wanna Go Faster - featuring Dylan Rhymes Remix

        06 Only Kismet - Game Boy feat Terminalhead Remix

        07 N*Sync - Pop feat Terminalhead Remix

        08 Geri Halliwell - Look at Me feat Terminalhead Remix

        09 The High Fidelity (ex Soup Dragons) CD promo featuring Terminalhead & FC Kahuna  remixes + many others)









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