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GLITCH MIX SET 9 (finally)

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    Hey everyone ... Well here it is again... It s definitely been WAY TOO long! Lots of stuff going on, work, holidays, for a while my CDJ was broken (and I had
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2007
      Hey everyone ...

      Well here it is again...

      It's definitely been WAY TOO long! Lots of stuff going on, work, holidays, for a while my CDJ was broken (and I had to get that fixed), and motivation...

      I've been working on this set for quite some time now, almost too long, and was just tired of doing it and never getting a perfect copy, so it almost got scrapped. But, before scrapping it I took the best copy of it I had and decided to put it up for everyone to enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I loved the tracks in this set, I was just over playing around with it and wanted it to be done so I could move onto my next one.

      I'd like to thank everyone for all the support of my sets, too. MIXTILL6 & DJ Nlytn have been great motivators in getting my sets out to everyone.

      My last set (SET 8) ruled the site for almost 3 months: with over
      400 downloads! I'd love to see this set surpass that number and take
      spot #1 again.

      So my following is growing. I really do appreciate all the support and positive messages. Feel free to email me your messages. It may take me a day or so to respond but I'll get to it.

      The new set is available here:

      (Right click & 'save target as')


      Or you can go here and see a list of my sets to pick from:


      And a tracklisting for you all:

      01. Terminalhead - Head Down
      02. Hyper - Slapper - Original Mix
      03. Apollo 440 ft The Beatnuts - Dude Descending a Staircase - Stanton Warriors Mix
      04. Golan Globus - Blazer - Bralli Edit
      05. Deep Dish - Flashdance - Meat Katie Vocal Mix
      06. Adam Freeland - Supernatural Thing - Adam vs Evil 9 Remix
      07. JDS - Daylight
      08. Dylan Rhymes - Nightbreed - JDS Mix
      09. BT - Somnambulist - Burufunk Mix
      10. BT ft Beber & Tamra - Love in the Time of Thieves

      It's exactly 1 hour long making it very 'CD friendly'. Burn yourself a copy, burn your friend a copy, burn your mom a copy, burn your
      boss a copy, or, you know, my mixes make amazing Birthday presents. Feel free to spread it around as much as you want.

      No sign ups. No wierd downloads. Just follow the links. If anyone
      has any problems downloading it let me know as always feedback is more than welcome - positive or negative. Also feel free to explore the MIXTILL6 site, lots of other sets to download besides mine, a forum to post to us. Feel free to message me or email me with any comments, questions or just to chat about good music.

      Thanx again to all the moderators who let me post these shameless self-promotions (especially Alan who edits my wonky grammar;-), and to everyone who continues to get these emails and wants more ...



      (if any of the links dont work because of word-wrap email me and I'll give you straight links to the page they are on)
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