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Re: Tracks of the Year

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  • renegadesoundwaves
    ... remix ... atomic hooligan - the remixes - EP - CDR - came out as a promo CD with catalog number BOS2025 released around September 7 2006. Also contains
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 23, 2007
      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "Dan Smith" <Dan.smith@...> wrote:
      > Great list, can I ask where you got hold of Atomic Hooligan- the
      > EP?
      atomic hooligan - the remixes - EP - CDR - came out as a promo CD
      with catalog number BOS2025 released around September 7 2006. Also
      contains mixes by Aquasky, Ills, and AH. It's worth trying to find
      it, a really good ep. I found it at Atomic Hooligan-the Remixes 2006
      Uk, Botchit & Scarper, 024 Bos2cd CD 17.63 JAN 1 at Reckless
      Records in the UK. They have one additional copy. I would email them
      to make sure the dreaming song mixed by blim is on that copy. Because
      there is another mix ep with only two songs on that one missing blim.
      That is the song you will enjoy the most, better than ills version

      > I've been after that for ages!
      > Check out the hybrid remix of future funk squad's towards the
      sun... it's quality as usual.
      I tried to get into that song but the vocals sounded too commercial.
      > From: renegadesoundwaves
      > My favs for the year are (no particular order)
      > 01. General Midi Never gonna stop the show (WOW Mix)track
      > 02. Dylan Rhymes - Superstar (elite force mix)track
      > 03. Pankaj - Together track
      > 04. Roger Sanchez - Lost EP ( love the singers voice)
      > 05. The Love Rats - Your Women EP (great lyrics)
      > 06. Atomic Hooligan - The Remixes EP (blim remix is just an awesome
      > track)
      > 07. Lexi - Come on EP (DOwnright dirty and Lexi has a voice that
      > pull it off)
      > 08. Santos - Home sweet Home LP (This was his year_
      > 09. Soul Revenger-CLose your mind 2nd track, Samples Chocalate
      > 10. Dopamine - Outside the box EP. Pwowerful
      > 11. The Flash Brothers House of FLash LP (an excellent house album,
      > the first 25 minutes are classic)
      > 12. 2 Bit Pie LP(The boys from fluke still know how to write and
      > 13. Otur - Pepperbox Hill LP (More electronic than house through my
      > veins is the stand-out track)
      > 14. X-Press 2 Makeshift Feelgood LP (1st song sounds like a kenny
      > roger song. Makes for an interesting and entertaining album.
      > 15. Beckers - Switch Mixes EP (In your face progressive)
      > 16. Charlotte Church - Call my Name (Steve Mac classic mix piano
      > track)(If you like piano this is your song of the year)
      > 17. Jinx - the tonk ep (in your face)
      > 18, Miami Ice - Better than perfect ep (just a beautiful song based
      > on Miami VIce but better the vocals are hypnotic)
      > 19. Misfilter vs INfluenza - Want it all ep (In your face don't
      > any better than this)
      > 20. Def Inc 50K ep (Surprise not to see this one on anyones list.
      > Sounds like Hybrid in one of their progressive moods)
      > 21. SI Begg - Noodles ep (Si begg keeps coming out with strange but
      > very good music that breaks new gound.
      > 22. Phil Barry - Make a Move ep 2nd track Cause and Effect (skip
      > first track go to Cause and Effect play loud enjoy)
      > 23. Peace Division - CLub Therapy track Ep (the lyrics are so true)
      > 24. Peace Division - Blacklight Sleeze track ep ( I read somewhere
      > that a 45 year old women (a poet) did the lyrics. Very sad but true.
      > 25. Rasmus Faber feat Melo - Get over miami redits. ep (great
      > piano)
      > 26. Benny Benassi - Whos your Daddy ep video edit track (the video
      > good along with the song pure sex)
      > 27. Madonna - I Love NY (Thin White Duke Mix)track. JLC has a
      > for mixing and turns a mundane song into a viberant danceable hard
      > sounding song.
      > 28. Overklash - Take your hands off me track. Great Lyrics just
      > the title
      > 29. Slacker - Let me stay 3rd track on ep. Mindbending bass, a
      > classic groove makes this one a dancefloor burner.
      > 30. Hybrid - Sleepwalking - snother Hybrid classic.
      > Sorry neither Hybrid or BT LPs made the list, these above
      > have a lot more heart in their songs, something lacking in the
      > and BT LPs which both seem to drone on forever.(my opinion) Nothing
      > new that I have not heard before, just wish these two would play
      > progressive music instead of this laid-back crap. I found a studio
      > version of sleepwalking (Track 15) which is the best song by Hybrid
      > since From a Distance. Sleepwalking should have been on the album
      > along with other in your face progressive tunes. But all the above
      > are progressive, have a lot of soul and the mixing and sound
      > production is excellent. There is so much good music out there.
      > was a bumper crop this year.
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