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Re: Hybrid track on Channel 4 Trail last night

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  • Simon Chilvers
    It was I Choose Noise on a feature drama called Low Winter Sun .... just saw it again! si
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 20, 2006
      It was "I Choose Noise" on a feature drama called "Low Winter Sun".... just
      saw it again!


      On 9/20/06, Simon Chilvers <schilvers@...> wrote:
      > Last night... heard it just out of my periferal hearing. Was talking to
      > someone on phone I think. Couldn't tell you what it was for as I wasn't
      > paying attention and realised to late what I was listening to and when I
      > turned round to look at the TV it had gone to an advert, I'm sure it was
      > Last man standing, but as I said, wasn;t paying attention at all!.
      > Unfortunately it was my kitchen portable TV and not my media center hooked
      > into my living room entertainment system so I couldn't rewind it to check
      > what it was about. Did anyone else on here catch it. I know some people must
      > get bored with all this track spotting on TV programme trailers etc, but I
      > never tire of it... always brings a smile to my face when I hear their stuff
      > used, how trivial it is.
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