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Re: [Hybrid] Coachella - Who's going?

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  • G3K
    The Coachella poster now says Hybrid featuring Perry Farrell So THAT s what happened to that collaboration, lol. Hopefully he doesn t get a throat infection
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 20, 2006
      The Coachella poster now says "Hybrid featuring Perry Farrell"

      So THAT's what happened to that collaboration, lol. Hopefully he doesn't
      get a throat infection like Hard-Fi and the Subways did over the span of the
      last two days.

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      > you know i'll be there... again! got my room booked with my best
      > girl, (tom's out on tour), got the dog's hotel booked too! we're
      > staying in palm springs and looking forward to all the parties that
      > will most likely be going on around town. mmm, drinks by the pool
      > during the day and sweet music to my ears by night!!!! i cannot wait
      > to see what mike and chris have put together for this show, everytime
      > they happen to be in town, i'm out or busy! so i've yet to hear what
      > plans they have made. Have any of you seen that great pic on their
      > myspace page? of harry directing
      > the seattle orchestra? ooo, it gets me sooooo excited! i'll probably
      > get all emotional if there happens to be a violinist or cellist on
      > stage. i dont know why, but string arrangements make me cry. i see
      > that jason's coming out again, we had a good time last year. Drew
      > with his handy camera should be there too! and maybe a few other
      > california friends! cant wait, i've got my list of bands to see, i
      > think editors are close to the top, i hear they are amazing live.
      > anyways, i'm sure we'll meet up for hybrid!!!! cant wait! c

      > oh, and the new junkie xl album is out now, includes personally
      > sentimental songs, like "honey," named after my mom. and if you look
      > through the booklet, you'll see my picture! and my tiny voice on
      > xerox to copy..... funny stuff. new website layout
      > www.junkiexl.com

      > Me! :) We HybridUKGroup members should meet up before Hybrid goes
      > on stage!
      > ill be there as well
      > :)
      > anyone going to bonnaroo?
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