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Re: That time of year...

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  • Anton
    Albums: the mars volta - frances the mute , princess superstar - my machine , asian dub foundation - tank , esthero - wikked lil grrls . team sleep and
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 3, 2005
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      Albums: the mars volta - "frances the mute", princess superstar -
      "my machine", asian dub foundation - "tank", esthero - "wikked lil
      grrls". team sleep and gorrillaz are honorable mentions too :)

      Tracks: team sleep - "king diamond", princess superstar - "bad girls
      NYC", m83 - "car chase terror" (this track is just... crazy). ADF -
      "who runs the place", Enigma - Hello and welcome (new track, YAY!)

      Mixes: Influenza - august 2005 mix (got it from mix-tapes.de i
      believe, amazing breaks, would especially reccomend it to those who
      hate it when hybrid and dub pistols spin too much house into sets).
      and the Hybrid Liquified sets are great.

      Remixes: puscifer "rev 22:20" (4:20 mix), Hooverphonic - "You hurt
      me" (no more sweet music mix), Collide - "Tempted" (Conjure One Mix)
      (last years, but i just got the cd recently).

      Event: mars volta/system show, as well as NIN show.

      Looking forward to new hooverphonic, tool, enigma, sneaker pimps,
      and a damn hybrid show in my town!!!

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "Tag Simler" <jtsimler3@m...> wrote:
      > This sounds like fun.
      > Albums: Moby - Hotel, Kirsty Hawkshaw - Meta Message, Dylan
      Rhymes - Dead Famous, Royksopp - The Understanding, Hans Zimmer &
      James Newton Howard - Batman Begins, John Williams - Star Wars:
      Revenge of the Sith
      > Mixes: lots from Hybridized (esp. the new sets from DW and Noel
      Sanger), The Crystal Method - Community Service II, UNKLE - Edit
      Music for a Film, and of course, Cumulus (f'ing brilliant, James)
      > Tracks: Joel Armstrong - "Serenity", many more
      > Remixes: the Hybrid bootleg mix collection, the Proton Remix
      contest of Deepsky's "Deep in the Moment"
      > Event: Hybrid at Ice in Houston, Dave Matthews Band in Selma, TX
      > Looking forward to: everything Hybrid (LP3, RAAPB2, Catacombs),
      NuBreed Y4K, and much more
      > *and a new category I came up with* :-)
      > Anything that was released before this year, but you discovered
      THIS year: Kirsty Hawkshaw - O<U>T, Evil Nine - You Can Be Special
      > Tag
      > --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "James C Warren" <james@w...>
      > It's the start of December and it got me thinking about favourite
      albums, tracks, mixes, remixes and events of the year. I'll start
      the ball rolling.
      > Albums: Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself, Bloc Party - Silent
      Alarm, M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us, Royksopp - The Understanding,
      Depeche Mode - Playing the Angel, Underworld - LovelyBrokenThing
      > Mixes: Loads and loads from Hybridized :) but I also enjoyed the
      Renaissance Therapy Sessions (Vol 2), Y4K series, Layered Sounds
      series, Sasha - Fundacion, stuff from Face (Mixdepot), and entries
      from the BijouBreaks competition.
      > Tracks: Too many to mention but anything I've used means I love
      it. Really dig Andrew Kelly's stuff in particular 'A Downside to
      Belonging'. Also Bloc Party - The Pioneers (M83 Remix)
      > Remixes: Again, too many to mention but I really enjoyed Sasha
      remixes of DM - Precious and Faithless - Insomnia.
      > Event: Faithless at Brixton (last night!); Feeder (Brixton);
      missing U2 in the summer :( (boo!, in hospital).
      > Looking forward to: (apart from the obvious ;) Underworld's new
      album and UK tour (they're also starting to push some boundaries
      with internet marketing which is good to see); Andy Page album;
      Andrew Kelly stuff. New Marillion stuff (always pushing internet and
      marketing boundaries).
    • Harkin, Andy
      Albums: Ali B s Y4K and General Midi - Midi Style are my favourites from Distinctive, though most releases have been excellent. Other albums which tend to
      Message 2 of 6 , Dec 5, 2005
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        Ali B's Y4K and General Midi - Midi Style are my favourites from Distinctive, though most releases have been excellent. Other albums which tend to stay near the player are Dreadzone - Once upon a time, Turn Brakes - JackInABox, both due to excellent gigs I attended.

        Oh my - so many :) James Warren's mixes have brought a huge amount of enjoyment.
        http://www.theyoungpunx.com/ - Some fun mixes on here
        Also, the Elite Force Strongarm Sessions - http://www.strongarmsessions.co.uk/
        James Zabiela's offerings http://homepage.mac.com/jameszabiela/FOUR.2/FileSharing25.html for DJ Mag comp,
        This http://www.bangingtunes.com/forum/topic/t27543/ Hard House thingy which most of you will probably hate ;)
        Neil Quigley, who has been John Digweed's warm-up DJ for the last Bedrock parties http://www.neilquigley.com/
        Re-discovered Ali Line - OPM - http://www.mixdepot.net/MarblesDJs/AliLineOPM

        Loads of parties, I go out nearly every weekend, but the best fun has been had at these.

        Glade - Wow! Utterly awesome. (Apart from the thieving scumbags)
        Big Chill - WowWow! (as above)
        Dreadzone in Oxford
        Faithless in Brixton last Wed
        Every Chew the Fat - THE best breaks party :)
        SEOne III in May - honoured to be asked to run the breaks room.
        Eargasm a couple of months ago. (Anyone up for it this coming Friday?)
        ChiChime and Nano records in Stratford
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