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  • aras
    Reply to: RE: Tyrant ... dropping ... =di I ve got a copy of Tyrant and it s lovely indeed. A mix of tech house, breaks and dubby bits stretching over 2 CDs,
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      HybridUK wrote:
      > Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 10:46:27 -0400
      > From: Gen Kanai <gkanai@...>
      >Subject: Tyrant...
      >Hey does anyone know about the new Tyrant mix that Distinct'ive is

      I've got a copy of Tyrant and it's lovely indeed. A mix of tech house,
      breaks and dubby bits stretching over 2 CDs, very laidback and chilled and

      Tyrant's Lee Burridge says it was he who put Sasha on to Hybrid. The bit
      below is off Breakin' News, the Breaksworld.com newsletter.

      Bye all!


      Craig Richards and Lee Burridge last month released a double mixed CD
      called 'Tyrant'. It's a diverse mix of tunes running the gamut of house,
      breaks 'n' beats and dub, reflecting the music policy of the duo's
      Tyrant nights at London's Fabric and at the Bomb in Nottingham.

      Together with Sasha, Lee and Craig set up Tyrant in 1997. According to
      Craig, Tyrant came into being because the two of them and Sasha wanted a
      club where they could play breaks: "Because it was the three of us we
      didn't need anyone else, we wanted to be self governing and we could.
      Sasha's not so involved now, he's very busy, but he does play sometimes.
      That was three years ago and we're only now doing the CD. It wouldn't
      have been right before. Our personal profiles have been lifted. A year
      or two ago the CD wouldn't have been as good as it is."

      Lee claims that "It was me who put [Sasha] on to Hybrid. I'd been
      playing 'Symphony' as my closing track in Hong Kong [where Lee used to
      DJ] for a year and people would come up and ask me to play it. Sasha
      came to play at the club and came up to me and said 'Oh My God, what's
      that?' I gave him a copy and he started playing it and it went from
      there," he told Dotmusic.co.uk.

      About the 'Tyrant' double CD: "It's a slice of what we do and it could
      have been more upfront and banging or on a mellow tip and, although we
      love dark beats, we decided to go more mellow. We don't get the
      opportunity to play breakbeat sets although we try and work them in.
      People are still wary of breakbeats, especially in house clubs. You have
      to break them in gently. If you put dark stuff on people say 'Uh Oh,
      time to get a drink.' You have to draw people in from friendly beats.

      Craig added: "On the CD we try and repeat what we do in the club: we
      play house, breaks, everything really. It was very difficult to choose
      the tracks. When we play together we try to cover as much ground as
      possible. With a CD you can only get 73 minutes of music on it and this
      is very short length of time to show off our kind of music. I realise
      how easy it would be to do a five CD box set!"

      "We did have a bunch of tracks we wanted to use but we had to whittle
      our choices down - and we play out all the tracks on the CD. For
      example, not all the breaks work with house. But we got it to flow and
      there's nothing banging so people can listen to it at home. I don't
      think banging music works at home. It jars the ear. We haven't got any
      really new stuff on the CD. The oldest record, which is by Freaky
      Chakra, is seven years old, but it still works. I like that track, it's
      quite trippy. I'd love to do a CD with a mellow trippy set at one end a
      banging techno set at the other end and a CD of breakbeats to show the
      range," said Craig.
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