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  • Crocuta
    Hello, I was finally able to find the link on Distinctive s website for tour dates... allbeit they don t seem to know very far in advance.. (I didn t see the
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 26, 2000
      I was finally able to find the link on Distinctive's website for tour
      dates... allbeit they don't seem to know very far in advance.. (I didn't
      see the new york tour date there..did I miss it?)

      > Hey does anyone know about the new Tyrant mix that Distinct'ive is dropping
      > soon?
      > http://www.distinctiverecords.com/site/discography/releaseinfo2.cfm?catno=di
      > sn61
      > Also- check out the t-shirts too! I've sent them an email telling them I
      > want one of each! :)

      Er.. I saw them.. they images were so small tho I couldn't tell much
      about them :/

      > Does anyone else think that the website is pretty hard to use?

      well.. I hate to say bad things about a website that obviously had a lot
      of effort put into it.. but.. sometimes less is more... I found it very
      hard to use ... took me quite a while to finally get to save the .mov
      file of If I Survive (had to go into the directories to get it since I
      have the player, just not the plug in)...

      > I can't
      > read the small text, I can't forward urls to friends because of the frames,

      That's what annoys me about frames really.. that's why it took me a bit
      to get what I wanted from the site...

      > and many people who design web sites for a living know that giving people a
      > fixed window is a bad idea. (Jakob Nielsen of www.useit.com thinks so at
      > least)

      *nods* agreed (I prefer maximized windows when browsing myself)

      That's just my two bits worth..

      Now tho to save up my money to order the singles from the website ;)

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